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Flow Control Using Optical Visualization Technique Advanced Electrohydrodynamic System Heat and Mass Control in Mechanical Systems Water Purification Using Plasma or Ultrasonic Waves

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  • 교수 SOC설계
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VLSI interconnect and noise modeling and analysis Signal Integrity and Power Integrity(SI and PI) Electromagnetic Interference

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  • 부교수 열유체공학, 에너지, 플라즈마
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플라즈마 기반 신 열유체공정 개발 광학/음향학 기반 열유체 상태 진단 및 기계학습을 이용한 신호 정량화 열유체 에너지 시스템 최적화 극초음속 램젯 연소기 성능 평가

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  • 부교수 매뉴팩처링전분야(그래핀)
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Synthesis and manufacturing of low-dimensional materials including graphene and other layered materials Measurements of mechanical/thermal/electrical properties of nano-materials Applications of low-dimensional materials

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  • 교수 제어시스템응용
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    Lab 최적화응용연구실


Adaptive Optimization / Optimal Control for Nonlinear System Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for PMSM Machine Learning based Seismographical Analysis and Research Geolocation on Wireless Communication Network Optimal and Robust Control

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  • 조교수
  • 이은호
    Lab 다물리시스템 및 해석공학 연구실


Mechanics Theory of irreversibility Multiphysics system design Computational analysis

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  • 교수 반도체 소재 및 패키징
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Oxide semiconductor TFT Stretchable battery Silver nanowire transparent electrode Thermo-electronics Gas sensor

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  • 부교수 에너지과학과
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Optical properties of 2D materials Thermal conductivity of low dimensional materials Photo-thermal properties for IR detections

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  • 조교수
  • 정형모
    Lab 에너지 저장 및 변환 소재 연구실


소재 설계 및 합성: 저차원 탄소 소재, 나노 및 다공성 입자 에너지 & 환경 시스템 전기화학 소자: (1) 수퍼커페이시터 (2) 이차전지 (3) 차세대 전지 이산화탄소 변환용 전기화학 촉매

주진호 사진 more
  • 교수 미세공정
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Nanorods, nanoparticles, and nanostructures Sol-gel process, powder metallurgy, metal working High temperature superconductor wires and tapes