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For more details on the courses, please refer to the Course Catalog

Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
CCS2001 A View of Culture 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Cross-cultural Studies Korean Yes
It aims to provide the fundamental cultural concepts for comparative culture. Through various ways of analyzing and understanding culture, students are encouraged to understand culture from various viewpoints and to establish a basic view of culture.
CCS2012 Study of korean pop culture 3 6 Major Bachelor 1-2 Cross-cultural Studies Korean Yes
It aims to understand korean modern culture and the process of cultural exchange since 70’s. Through the study of various mass-cultural products(Pop music, Movies, TV shows), it leads how to understand the hierarchical peculiarity of consumers and the changes of subcultural situation.
CCS2015 Understanding of Cross-culture and Comparative Literature 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Cross-cultural Studies Korean Yes
This class is for the students major in comparative culture and therefore the immediate goal is to understand what is comparative literature and comparative culture conceptually. By understanding the characteristics and systems of departments of comparative literature and comparative culture, student will be expected to broaden views of cultural art overall. Departments of comparative literature and comparative culture deal with distinctiveness and universality of each works and it will contain literatures, movies and cartoons.
CCS2018 Cultural perception of Gender and Love 3 6 Major Bachelor Cross-cultural Studies English Yes
This lecture reconsiders the terms and views of the gender and the love. As the humanity even returns to the market in the present era, we question the relationship of love and gender and how the two concepts are culturally intertwined in the society. The course ponders different philosophical ideas and the implicated current social acceptance of love and gender. The reflection ultimately will define where and how the notion of love and gender partakes in present days, and critically perceive the concept and its encompassing cultural phenomena.
CCS2019 Psychoanalysis and Contemporary arts 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Cross-cultural Studies - No
This course focuses on learning the viewpoint of modern art through psychoanalytic theory. For this, students will learn about the sameness and the difference of psychoanalytical theory and existing aesthetic theory. Students also study the relationship between art history and psychoanalysis by understanding the impact of psychoanalysis on contemporary art.
CCS2020 Feminism and Modern Culture 3 6 Major Bachelor 2-3 Cross-cultural Studies Korean Yes
This course is introduction subject for students who feel difficult in current feminism phenomenon. Explore the history of feminism and feminism philosophers, and understanding the meaning of today's feminism through the cultural phenomenon.
CCS3010 Film theory and criticism 3 6 Major Bachelor 3-4 Cross-cultural Studies Korean Yes
This course focuses on learning various theories to analyze movies. The students will discuss about the film criticisms which have an important position in the history of film criticism, and students will improve their ability to appreciate movies in depth.
CCS3011 Techno-Cultural Studies 3 6 Major Bachelor 3-4 Cross-cultural Studies - No
This course focuses on learning the viewpoint of Techno-Cultural studiest through various theories and modern phenomenon. After exploring how technology has influenced on the change of society from the basis, we expect students will expand the range of thought to individual subject and object. We will go through philosophy of technology and handle 'artificial intelligence', 'post-human', 'techno feminism', from the perspective of 'science and technology studies' and 'cultural studies'.
CCS3012 Subculture and Fandom Culture 3 6 Major Bachelor 3-4 Cross-cultural Studies Korean Yes
This course aims to reinterpret the various 'subculture' and its receptor group, fandom culture. Subcultures complement the main cultural structure through their own identity and serve as counter culture that contributes to its maintenance and existence or opposes the main culture. The newly emerging fandom of subculture has various relationships with modern culture. Through this research, students explore how subculture and its fandom are changing in the cultural studies.
CCS3014 Reading Literatures of the Minors and Diaspora Cultures 3 6 Major Bachelor Cross-cultural Studies Korean Yes
This course aims to give a fresh understanding of the current situation through reviewing the terms 'Literatures of minors' and 'Diaspora Cultures'. Literature and Culture related to gender, status, body, ideology, race, ethnic minorities and diaspora are the main subjects of analysis. Students will develop abilities to read cultural implications in texts by identifying the complex network of 'minorities' and diaspora society in literary works. By reading domestic works as well as foreign works, students will be able to understand the identity of the contemporary society.
CCS3015 Comparative Understanding on Cultures 3 6 Major Bachelor Cross-cultural Studies Korean Yes
Throughout the course, we will examine the key issues of contemporary culture and develop analytical skills. By reviewing current issues such as posthuman, anthropocene, and big data society, students will secure their academic perspective of cultural landscape after neo-materialism.
CCS4009 Studies on Coloniality, Modernity, Regionality 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master Comparative Culture Korean Yes
In this course, we will conduct in-depth analysis on various phenomena of modern culture based on historicity and locality. We will examine the cultural phenomena of Korean society and non-Western regions through the study of post-colonialism and geopolitical theories while putting the world system and globalization into view.
CHS2004 Humanities and creative thinking 1 2 Major Bachelor 1-4 Challenge Semester Korean Yes
The fourth industrial revolution is expected to accelerate the development of a hyper-connected society. IT technologies will enable various applications in our society with intelligent network connecting human, data, and objects. In such environment, companies will continue to strive to discover value-adding services for customers. This course is intended to help students enhance the understanding of human(customer) instinct as well as business and creativity through the lens of humanities.
CHS2005 Global Economic History 1 2 Major Bachelor 1-4 Challenge Semester Korean Yes
This course aims to enhance the knowledge on the modern global economic order by studying the evolutionary process of the global world economy. Main concepts include modernization, entrepreneurship, industrial revolution, technological progress, economic development, globalization, and world economic order. Details of th course are as follows. It begins with the broad explanation of the global economic history, and moves on to ancient time, middle age, great voyage, mercantilism, industrial revolution, first wave of globalization, retreat of globalization, second wave of globalization, and contemporary globaization.
CHS2006 A bridge to the world (korean language for advanced) 1 2 Major Bachelor 1-4 Challenge Semester - No
This course is suitable for foreigners who want to speak advanced Korean. By providing a variety of topics related to professional topics or social phenomena in each field, it is possible to deepen learning about Korean language, and at the same time, it can enhance a wide understanding of Korean society. It mainly deals with the contents of TOPIK level 5-6, so students who are learning TOPIK can use this course usefully.