현대건축설계 연구실 (CADRO - Contemporary Architecture Design & Research Office)

  • 이중원 교수님 Prof. Joongwon Lee
    제1공학관 21424B

CADRO is a graduate/post graduate level research lab in the Department of Architecture(DOA) at SKKU that focuses on Contemporary Korean (& American) Architecture and Urbanism. Contemporary Architecture and City is diverse and dynamic. The trends are many and the outputs are moving. CADRO bookends its research scope with time and location elements. Time-wise, it primarily focuses on the period of 1990~2040. Location-wise, it primarily focuses on the architecture and cities of Korea and the USA. CADRO seeks to research what has led the contemporary condition (past), and what will lead the contemporary design (future). Philosophically, CADRO seeks to enhance Confucian founding motto of SKKU, 仁義禮智 (benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom). Materially, CADRO also seeks to promote the idea of Samsung (Corporate Body of SKKU): Design by Innovation and Innovation in Design. In Summary, CADRO is a Research Lab in DOA at SKKU that focuses Contemporary Korean (& American) Architecture and Urbanism with Confucian Worldview and Innovative Design.

Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU)