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구분 과정코드 과정명 학점 언어 개설여부
학부 GBA2001 Macroeconomics 3 Yes
Lectures emphasize the use of basic probability concepts and statistical theory in the estimation and testing of single parameter and multivariate relationships. In computer labs, using Microsoft Excel, each student calculates descriptive statistics, probabilities, and least squares regression coefficients in situations based on current business and economic events.
학부 GBA2003 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3 Yes
Provides balanced coverage of the mechanics, measurement theory, and economic context of financial accounting. Strikes a balance between a preparer's and a user's orientation, emphasizing that students must understand both how transactions lead to financial statements (preparer's orientation) and how one can infertransactions given a set of financial statements (user's orientation). Relies on current, real-world examples taken from the popular business press. First part of the course introduces students to the financial accounting environment, financial statements, the accounting cycle, and the theoretical framework of accounting measurement. Second part of the course covers the elements of financial statements, emphasizing mechanics, measurement theory, and the economic environment.
학부 GBA2004 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3 Yes
Concepts and issues associated with the accounting and management of business; particular emphasis is given to understanding the role of accounting in product costing, strategic decisions, costing for quality, cost-justifying investment decisions, and performance evaluation and control of human behavior.
학부 GBA2005 Financial Management 3 Yes
Topics include the determinants of interest rates and the time value of money; the sources and uses of financial information; the structure, role, and regulation of financial markets; monetary policy; the pricing of risk in financial markets; goals of investors; and how firms manage their financial affairs, including planning, budgeting, and decision making.
학부 GBA2006 Marketing Management 3 Yes
Examines the marketing concepts, strategic planning, marketing research, and information systems. Covers consumer and organizational buying behavior, forecasting sales, and market segmentation and position. Also focuses on new product development process; product lines and brands; pricing strategies; distribution-channel management; advertising; personal selling; and organizing, evaluating, and controlling marketing.
학부 GBA2007 Operations Management 3 Yes
The operations function is concerned with the activity associated with the production of goods and services. Provides an overview of operating decisions and practices in both manufacturing- and service-oriented firms. While no attempt is made to cover any particular area in depth, standard terms and concepts required to communicate effectively with operating personnel are introduced.
학부 GBA2008 Strategic Management 3 Yes
Cross-functional survey of business management. The strategy component is concerned with the roles and tasks of firm’s top managers (i.e., strategic decision makers). Designed to provide an appreciation for the total firm perspective and the means by which firms create and sustain competitive advantage in today’s increasingly challenging and complex business environment (domestic and global). Strategic management of the firm involves diagnosing the firm’s current situation and developing realistic solutions to the strategic and organizational problems that confront top managers. A desired outcome of this course is an enhanced appreciation for the complexities of managing a formal organization. The primary objective is to help develop analytical skills for identifying key strategic issues and formulating appropriate strategies given a firm’s situation.
학부 GBA2010 Intermediate Investments 3 Yes
Part of the finance core.Rigorous treatment of the core concepts of investments for finance majors. Covers portfolio optimization, examines the pricing of equity, fixed income, and derivatives, and analyzes the degree of market efficiency. Makes extensive use of spreadsheet modeling to implement financial models.
학부 GBA2011 Intermediate Corporate Finance 3 Yes
Part of the finance core. Rigorous treatment of the core concepts of corporate finance for finance majors. Covers capital budgeting, the valuation of firms, and capital structure and payout policies. Makes extensive use of spreadsheet modeling to implement financial models.
학부 GBA2020 Marketing Research 3 - No
Focuses on the role of research in marketing decision making. Topics include defining research objectives, syndicated and secondary data sources of marketing information, exploratory research methods, survey research design, experimental design, and data analysis.
학부 GBA2028 Managing Behavior in Organizations 3 Yes
Integration of behavior and organizational theories. Application of concepts and theories toward improving individual, group, and organizational performance. Builds from a behavioral foundation toward an understanding of managerial processes.
학부 GBA2029 Consumer Behavior 3 Yes
Description and explanation of consumer behavior in retail markets. Topics include demographic, socioeconomic, psychographic, attitudinal, and group influences on consumer decision making. Applications to promotion, product design, distribution, pricing, and segmentation strategies.
학부 GBA2032 Intermediate Accounting I 3 Yes
This course provides students with a thorough understanding of the theoretical foundations and mechanics underlying financial reporting. This rigorous course is suitable for students seeking a career in accounting or finance. The course's primary objective is to give students the tools necessary to understand and execute appropriate accounting procedures, with an appreciation of the broader context in which accounting information is produced and utilized. This course also provides an overview of the financial statements and then focuses in more detail on revenue recognition, current assets, long-term assets, and accounting for investments.
학부 GBA2034 Microeconomics 3 - No
경제학에 대한 입문과정으로서 경제학의 기본 이론과 경제학의 본질에 대해 배우는 교과목이다. 이 과목에서는 주로 경제학의 기본 개념, 수요와 공급에 따른 가격 결정, 생산물의 가격책정 및 생산 영향요인, 일반균형이론, 소득분배 및 경제학의 다양한 면에 대해 다룬다.
학부 GBA2035 IT Management 3 Yes
본 과목은 디지털 시대에 정보기술(Information Technology, IT)이 어떻게 기업들이 직면한 비즈니스 문제를 해결하고, 새로운 비즈니스 기회를 창출 하는지 살펴본다. 정보기술 기반의 기업 시스템 구축, 빅데이터 활용, 인터넷 기반 비즈니스, 정보보안과 같은 최신 정보기술과련 주제를 통해 수강생들에게 다양한 기업과 산업에서 IT가 활용되는지 살펴보고, IT를 통한 효과적이고 효율적인 비즈니스 전략을 수립할 수 있는 능력을 배양하고자 한다.