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Introducing ChatGPT

Introducing ChatGPT


Understanding ChatGPT 

(Choi Jae-bung, Vice President of Sungkyunkwan University's Natural Science Campus and Director of Industry-Academic Cooperation)



ChatGPT is a deep learning program created by Open AI, which means 'an artificial intelligence designed to create laguage.' or 'an interactive artificial intelligence chatbot.'  

(GPT: Generative Pre-trained Transformer)


Starting with GPT-1 in 2018, GPT-3 was released in 2020. GPT-3 had impressive performance using 175 billion parameters, but its accessibility for general users was limited. In November 2022, ChatGPT was launched, making it easier for people to use and gaining popularity with its astonishing performances.


After rapid advancements, GPT-4 was unveiled on March 15th of this year, demonstrating even higher performance. (GPT-4.0 is currently available for a fee)


ChatGPT is currently considered as the best at organizing vast amounts of information, and it can be applied across various fields. With the release of ChatGPT and its subsequent popularity, many companies including Bing Ai, are planning or have already launched AI-related services.


However, a notable weakness of ChatGPT is pointed out as its tendency to provide nonexistent information as if it exists. This can be problematic when it is used as an educational tool in schools, so careful use is needed.


The emergence of ChatGPT is seen as a game-changer in advancing digital civilization. If a technological ecosystem related to this is well formed, it can infinitely expanded to application fields such as the meta-industry. 
(The meta-industry refers to industries in which existing industries meet the 4th industrial revolution technology and are converted into different-dimensional businesses.)


The more experience creates the wider ecosystem and its virtuous cycle. It is recommended to actively learn and explore various resources like "ChatGPT usage/applications."