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Misuse Cases and Guide

ChatGPT Misuse Cases

CASE 1 .  American M University

An American M University professor in the philosophy department discovered that a student who had written a suspiciously consistent and well-structured essay had used ChatGPT during a meeting. The student said, "I had ChatGPT rewrite my paper, which is a plagiarism method I often use." AI, which has learned the format and characteristics of writing by analyzing a vast amount of text on the internet, has now reached a level where it can not only engage in simple conversations but also write excellent philosophical essays.


During the interview, the professor said, "Students can change a few words, and make grammatical errors in what ChatGPT has created, and plagiarism detectors may no longer think it was written by a chatbot." He added, "Plagiarism detectors will evolve over time, but it may not be enough as the development of the chatbots themselves."


Source: "미국 M 대학 철학과 학생, ChatGPT를 이용한 에세이 표절 적발" (Futurism뉴스, 2023.01.19.)


CASE 2 .  American A University

At an American university, a computer science student confessed to using ChatGPT to solve assignments. The student said that when he inputted a question asking for definitions of computer science terms, the AI provided the answer almost immediately, which he then submitted to the school. He also asked the AI for help when he didn't know how to write computer code, and the AI provided a perfectly functioning code in that case as well.


Professors of major universities in the United States are gradually abolishing open-book assignments that students take home, instead adopting in-class assignments, handwritten documents, group work, or oral exams. Some universities and professors believe that the misuse of AI tools will not end so that they plan to use detectors to eradicate such these misuse behavior. Also, one of a plagiarism detection service company announced that will integrate more features to identify AI, including ChatGPT, this year.


Source: " 미국 모 대학교 컴퓨터공학 학생, AI로 과제 코드문제 해결" (Washington Post뉴스, 2023.01.19.)


CASE 3 .  Australia N University

A student at Australia N University was caught using ChatGPT during a writing exam and failed the exam. An AI professor at N University said, "ChatGPT is so sophisticated that it can easily bypass traditional plagiarism checks that have been in place at universities for nearly 20 years." He added, "This is because different answers come up every time ChatGPT is executed."


Universities are now desperately exploring ways to prevent students from cheating using AI. They have implemented old-fashioned exam methods such as blocking access to ChatGPT on school internet networks or having students write essays by hand in the classroom to prevent students from taking shortcuts in assessments and exam essays.


Source: "호주 N 대학교 학생, 쓰기 시험에 ChatGPT사용 후 낙제" (Mail Online뉴스, 2023.01.30.)


CASE 4 . A International School in the Metropolitan Area of Korea

Seven students at an international school in the metropolitan area of Korea were caught using ChatGPT to write their English essay assignments and received a zero score. The school reportedly found out about the ChatGPT usage through a teacher's program that checks whether AI programs were used in the assignments. The school later announced that they would check essay assignments using the "GPT Zero" program, which can detect ChatGPT usage.


A teacher at the school said, "The number of students using ChatGPT to write English essay assignments has increased since last month." Student B said, "Many students have started using ChatGPT recently because it allows them to complete assignments faster than Google. Changing a few words or sentences still goes undetected, so there are still quite a few students using it." The school stated that they have been monitoring assignment ghostwriting and plagiarism issues before the controversy over AI use and that they plan to use plagiarism checking programs to give students fair scores on their assignments.


Source: "국내 국제학교 학생들, 챗GPT로 과제 대필…전원0점" (동아일보, 2023.02.09.)

CASE 5 .  Sweden U University

At Sweden's U University, a student was accused of solving three problems in an unauthorized manner while completing a course assignment. The student admitted to using ChatGPT to solve the written homework after being engulfed in allegations of cheating. The professor did not acknowledge the student's assignment and issued a warning.


Source: "스웨덴 U대학교 학생, 과제 중 ChatGPT 사용 적발" (The Local뉴스, 2023.2.14.)