• POSTED DATE : 2019-01-01
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  • DATE : Feb 12 4:30pm
The department recently welcomed two new student organizations, the in an effort to foster camaraderie, collaboration and inclusion within the chemistry community.

While the existing organizes many events and activities, it does not facilitate programs that give students the opportunity to discuss their research, experiences, identities and hardships in a more intimate setting. The founders of ChemAIMS and the Synthesis Supergroup hoped to fill that void.  

Building a Supportive Environment Established by graduate students Natalie Geise and Jen Hope two years ago, ChemAIMS is dedicated to expanding the spaces for underrepresented groups, including women, racial and ethnic minorities, queer, trans, first-generation, low-income, and disabled students, in the chemistry department.

“Each of these groups face very different barriers to success, but power lies in solidarity, and we have to learn from each other,” said Hope, a fourth year in the Cui lab.

Hope was inspired to create the organization after taking a course taught by Miriam Goodman, professor of molecular and cellular physiology, titled Diversity and Inclusion in Science. The coursework and conversations had during the class reminded Hope to “kickstart the change that I wanted to see.”