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Undergraduate degree or equivalent  

Two or more years' work experience


Class Size

Approximately 25


Admission Process Guide

  • 1st step: Apply online and submit documents
  • 2nd step: Admission interview (Individual interview in English)


Admission Schedule (2022 Incoming Class)

Application Deadlines

Document Evaluation

Admission Interview

Admission Announcement

Deposit Payment

May 16 ~ May 29

May 30 ~ May 31

June 3

June 10

June 10 ~ June 15

Contact Information

  • Tel: 82-2-740-1533
  • Email :


Admission Documents

To be submitted online

1. Application

- Please log in the 'online application system' to write the application.

  • 2. Documents to be attached
  •   1) A Copy of Diploma or Certification of Graduation For universities in Korea
  •        Certification of Graduation (Korean) For overseas universities: a copy of diploma (English)
  •   2) Academic Transcripts (English)
  •   3) Resume (English, Form Download

※ Note
   1) Due to the covid-19 restrictions, your orgininal documents will be requested via post before the online interview date.
   2) You can download the resume and scholarship application forms on the online application system.


After the document evaluation, SKK GSB will contact the applicants individually to schedule the admission interview.


To be submitted on the interview date

1. Required Documents

  1) A Copy of Diploma or Certification of Graduation For universities in Korea: Certification of Graduation (Korean)

       For overseas universities: a copy of diploma (English)

  2) Academic Transcripts (English, original document)

  3) Certificate(s) of career or a letter of employment (Korean or English / Original)


2. Optional Documents 

  - The documents listed below are not the mandatory documents, however, extra points will be considered.

  1) English test score

       One among TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, IELTS (academic), TOEIC speaking or OPIC (within expiry date)

  2) GMAT or GRE test score (within expiry date)

       *Institution code: GMAT B7S-F2-24, TOEFL and GRE: 8713 

  3) Other certificates, awards or relevant documents which could recognize the excellence.


※ Note

  1) Submitted documents will not be returned.
  2) Original transcripts and diplomas must be in English/Korean, or notarized translations into English.



Certificate of Admission and Visa Guide for International Students 


To receive the certificate, admitted students should submit the following documents to SKK GSB and complete the 1st semester registration.

Please prepare the documents in advance.


1. A copy of applicant's passport

2. A certificate of bank balance ($20,000 at least, within 30 days from the submission date)

  In case of a parent's bank balance, a proof of family relationship is also required.