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Meet Our Students

Sumyun Kim (Alex Kim, President of class of 2022)

Samsung Electronics

AI, data-based business analysis is essential for daily activities and key to success in the real business world, which is why I applied for MSBA. I firmly believe that the SKK GSB MSBA program would be my best choice as I am truly satisfied with the professional curriculum and English-taught classes offered on Saturdays in a combination of on-line and off-line hybrid classes.


Min Jeong Kim (Class of 2022)

National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives

SKK GSB MSBA is the one and only program in Korea which is taught in English by outstanding faculties from all over the world uniquely offering a well-balanced curriculum between business and technical sides as well as a selective ‘Study Abroad Program’ in the US in the last semester. While enjoying this program, I am very confident that I will be able to expand my career opportunities fully leveraging my learning experience here and thrilled to discover the final destination of my journey which just embarked with the SKK SGB MSBA program.


Jun Sung Lee (Class of 2022)

Nespresso Korea

With the importance of data analysis growing bigger, data analysts like me have been increasingly taking the main role in key projects. It is, however, challenging to obtain a sophisticated framework and insights to properly define and solve business issues and to understand the related work process on top of technical knowledge to complete such a mission. I found SKK GSB MSBA a perfect fit for this and applied without any hesitation for this course which I believe will upgrade my capabilities as a data analyst.