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Curriculum & Schedule

Executive MBA curriculum is designed for experienced mid-to upper-level managers and executives. The emphasis is on equipping today’s business leaders with cutting-edge knowledge in business disciplines and in decision making skills to enable them to achieve their highest potential in their organizations. The program will help students hone integrated business skills required for executives and CEOs to effectively manage the ever-changing global challenges.


Most courses are offered in 2-week modules during the 18-month period and cover a wide variety of topics that are essential for business leaders, including strategic decision making, competitive strategy in a global environment, effective management of organizations, and managing global resources and operations. 


Curriculum table
Terms Course Credit
(1 week)
Global Experience 1: Leadership Development 3.0
Term 1
(Sep ~ Dec)

Managing People & Organizations
Global Business Environment

Financial Accounting

Data Based Decision Making

Competitive Strategy

Effective Negotiations

Term 2
(Jan ~ Apr)

Cost Analysis and Management Control

Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

Corporate Finance

Capital Markets

Business Strategy

Immersion Ⅱ
(1 week)
Global Experience 2: Government Policy Industry Collaboration 3.0
Term 3
(May ~ Aug)

Managing Efficient Operations & Smart Supply Chain

Change & Crisis Management

Leading Mergers & Acquisitions

Digital Transformation

Cyber Security

Effective Communication

Term 4
(Sep ~ Dec)

Applied Business Projects I, II, III, IV

Developing Innovations and Launching  New Products

Law for Global Business

ESG Strategy

Integrated Capstone

Immersion Ⅲ
(1 week)
Global Experience 3: Global Trade Emerging Opportunities 3.0

IU Kelley School faculty teach more than 50% of courses.


Immersion Program


Immersion I (1 week / Bloomington)

Orientation held in Bloomington campus of the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University;

Immersion program covers foundational knowledge of MBA curriculum and builds leadership skills required for successful managers.


Immersion II (1 week)

Focuses on understanding the interrelationship between multinational environment and business;

Provides professional development for current and future business leaders.


Immersion III (1 week)

Focuses on topical global business issues, either in Europe or other overseas locations.

• Location and schedule of the Residency Programs are subject to change.

• All fees and expenses for residency programs are included in the tuition, except for airfare, accommodation and personal expenses