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Deans' Message

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Dear Prospective Executive MBA Students,


We are pleased to introduce you to an innovative Executive MBA program. The program is especially designed for busy managers and executives and is delivered by a unique collaborative partnership between the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the SKK Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB) of Sungkyunkwan University. Participants will receive two MBA degrees from two leading business schools.


The Kelley School of Business is one of the oldest business schools in the U.S. and has an MBA program that is ranked among the best in the world. Its MBA program has earned #1 rankings in student satisfaction and teaching quality, and with a long tradition of developing innovative curricula the Kelley School is a leader in business education across all of its degree programs. Its faculty too has had tremendous influence in business practices through powerful classroom teaching, influential and thought-provoking research, and effective collaboration with executives and decision makers.


SKK GSB offers world-class MBA programs in Korea, and has earned a global reputation as the best MBA program in Korea for the quality of its MBA education and faculty research. SKK GSB’s MBA programs offer innovative curriculum in a dynamic, interactive and multicultural learning environment, providing students  with a global perspective in business education.


The Indiana Kelley – SKK GSB Executive MBA curriculum emphasizes the building of a global managerial perspective, including developing leadership perspectives and decision making skills, managing global resources, creating innovation and entrepreneurship, and sustaining organizational success. The curriculum will provide you with a strong foundation and the skills to build a successful and lasting business career. All courses are taught jointly by Kelley and SKK GSB faculty, bringing together the best business practices of the East and the West. We have no doubt that this innovative dual degree program is the best Executive MBA program in Korea and one of the best in Asia and beyond.


If you want to enhance your business skills, leadership potential and career prospects, you should seriously consider the Indiana Kelley-SKK GSB Executive MBA Program. It will be the best investment that you can make in your future and in that of your company.


We thank you for your sincere interest in the Indiana Kelley-SKK GSB Executive MBA Program.



Eric Shih
Sungkyunkwan University




Ash Soni
Dean, Kelley School of Business
Indiana University