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Curriculum & Schedule

Building a Strong Foundation – Core Courses

Every successful business leader needs to develop a broad awareness and an in-depth perspective of business problems in the context of their company, industry, and the global economy. The Core Courses at SKK GSB provide a unique, innovative curriculum taught by a team of 14 faculty members over 23 weeks. It consists of five modules that blend experiential learning with business fundamentals that will lay the foundation for all subsequent elective courses at SKK GSB. 

Bootcamp MP1 (6 Weeks) FIW (3 week) MP3 (6 weeks)

  • Managerial Economics
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Financial Accounting

<Core 1>

  • Corporate Financial Reporting
  • Business Analytics
  • Global Business Environment
  • Management of Organizations


  • Effective Communications
  • Business Ethics
<Core 2>
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management


Taking You to the Next Level – Elective Courses & Track

SKK GSB offers a large selection of elective courses that enable students to uniquely define their educational and career objectives. Students are encouraged to choose from four career-oriented tracks/specialization (AI&Business Analytics, Finance, and Marketing) and design their elective courses accordingly.  


Business Analytics Trackview off

Finance Track view off

Marketing Track view off

AI&Business Analytics Track view off


Action Based Learning – Applied Business Projects

In the Spring semester, you will participate in the Applied Business Projects (ABP). ABP creates a forum in which students can apply the concepts, methods and paradigms learned in the classroom in developing strategic, innovative, and operational plans for client firms. Each student will be a member of a consulting team which will address a complex, multidimensional consulting project that represents a substantive problem for the client firm. The course is matched against the “reality experience” one would encounter in professional environments. By providing students with resources and guidance (as opposed to direction), the ABP endeavors to create experiential and dynamic learning environment where students’ learning correlates with their commitment levels and the efforts put into the projects and team effort. 


Expanding Your Horizon – Global Field Experience

During the summer session, you will participate in an international cultural experience and global business study trip. Learning about business practices first-hand from companies and executives, as well as engaging in a learning environment at a foreign location is an invaluable part of the MBA experience and will better prepare you for the challenges facing business leaders.


Curriculum & Schedule
Semester Curriculum Credit
(August ~ December)
Integrated Core
Module Period* 1 & 2
Intensive Week** 1
Spring & Summer
(January ~ May)
Integrated Core
Module Period 3
Intensive Week 2
Module Period 4
Intensive Week 3 ~ 5
Applied Business Projects
Global Field Experience (1 week)
(August ~ December)
Option 1: Electives at SKK GSB
Module Period 5 & 6
Intensive week 6
Option 2: Study Abroad Program (SAP)
Option 3: Dual Dgree Program (DDP)
Total Credit 45

Each Module Period is 7 weeks

Each Intensive Week is 1 week