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Admissions Guide

This page is for students who would like to apply SKK GSB Full-Time MBA Program through the Global Korea Scholarship. SKK GSB takes GKS scholars from both university track and embassy track.This is totally different from the regular round application procedure, so read below information carefully.



Undergraduate degree or equivalent


GKS Procedure

  • There are two tracks of GKS: University track and GKS track. For university track, students apply directly to the university. After admission evaluation, SKKU recommends GKS scholars to the NIIED. Embassy track is for students who apply through the embassy. Students in this track will go through 1st and 2nd evaluations by NIIED. Then NIIED will ask SKKU for final admission evaluation and result.
  • After receiving admission, students who already have TOPIK 5 at the application stage can make registration right away at SKKU in August. Others must enroll 1 year of Korean Language Program and can join SKK GSB after the completion of Korean Language Program with at least TOPIK 3
  • SKK GSB is only in charge of admission evaluation upon official request by SKKU Office of International Student Services, so all inquiries except admission evaluation must be sent to the NIIED or SKKU Office of International Student Services.


Admission Evaluation Procedure

1st step : Application submission as guided in GKS (Do not write Gradnet application. That is for the regular round students)

2nd step : Admission documents review

  • After the document evaluation, SKK GSB office will contact you individually to schedule your interview evaluation

3rd step: Admission interview (Individual interview in English)

  • Interview will be held 1:1, and takes about 20 minutes
  • The admission result will be based on your documents review and interview

Online interviews are available for applicants residing overseas

4th step: Admission result will be sent to the SKKU Office of International Student Services

  • SKKU Office of International Student Services will finally select GKS scholars and recommend students to the NIIED.


Required documents

  • 1) All documents required from NIIED
  • 2) English resume (Free format)
  • 3) English test score within expiry date
    • (1) Choose one of the followings: TOEFL, TOEIC, TOEIC Speaking, OPIC, TEPS and IELTS
    • (2) Exemption
      • 1. Native English speakers (Holding a citizenship from countries that English is the only native language)
      • 2. Applicants with undergraduate degree from institutions with English as the medium of instruction (must submit a proof)


  1. -University track: SKK GKS recommends less than 5 students to the SKKU Office of International Student Services.
  2. -Embassy track: No limitation


  1. Application Submission Deadline

    -Embassy track: May,  2024



    SKK GSB can only answer questions regarding admission evaluation.

    Questions such as notarization, required documents except additional documents requested from SKK GSB, detailed schedule & procedure, etc. must be sent to the NIIED or SKKU Office of International Student Services.

    Please be informed that GKS students should complete their degree in Korea, and they are not eligible for either the Study Abroad Program or the Dual Degree Program.  



    Mailing Address

    Please send your English resume and English test score along with all required documents to the address guided from NIIED.

    Contact Information

    -NIIED: Click here

    -SKKU Office of Graduate School Affairs(University track):, +82-2-740-1728