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Master in Management Studies (MMS) Program


Jointly offered by EDHEC Business School and SKK GSB, the MMS program also includes 1 year of study abroad at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. The program is officially known as the GETT program - Global Economic Transformation & Technology Program.


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Business managers with global experience and technological insights are changing the world. Rapid innovation, entrepreneurial endeavors and advances in marketing technology create a need for new skills and management practices.


The Master in Management Studies (MMS) program which is also called the Global Economic Transformation & Technology program (GETT) - will offer you direct access to the cities, communities and concepts, transforming the world of business. Strong collaboration between EDHEC Business School, SKK GSB and Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley - three prestigious business schools in Europe, Asia and America - allows you to explore all the unique opportunities that are part of the MMS program.


This two-year academic program will expose you to the managerial talents desired by companies, serving the needs of sustainable development and meeting the challenge of disruptive change caused by advances in information and technology. You can look forward to positions in consulting, business development, innovation management and project evaluation.


“ We are very excited to launch this groundbreaking program with EDHEC and Berkeley. This unprecedented collaboration between world-leading business schools offers participants unique global experience on three continents. ”

- Eric Shih, Dean of SKK Graduate School of Business.

“ The GETT curriculum affords our students a unique opportunity to grasp the future issues for the global economy, while experiencing at close hand the cities and ecosystems currently transforming the world. ”

- Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School

“ This partnership with EDHEC is a wonderful opportunity for us. The GETT Program fits beautifully with what we do here in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area, where we offer one of the world’s strongest innovation and entrepreneurship programs. ”

- Ann Harrison, Dean of Haas School of Business