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Financial Aid

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Incoming Student Scholarship
  • ① All international and Korean applicants, including company-sponsored students, are eligible for scholarships.
  • ② Scholarship amounts vary, depending on qualifications of individual students.
  • ③ GMAT and TOEFL scores are not required but recommended for scholarship consideration.
  • ④ Throughout the application period, 'SKK GSB Scholarship Committee' evaluates and awards scholarships, on an ongoing basis, to qualified students.
  • ⑤ Scholarship recipients are required to have excellent academic performance to maintain their scholarships.
  • *Scholarship is not applied for the dual degree program tuition. Scholarship will be split into each semester's tuition.


Future Leader Scholarship
  • 1) Scholarship Amount: 12 Million KRW in total
  •      *Scholarship is not applied for the dual degree program tuition.
  •        Scholarship will be split into each semester's tuition.
  • 2) Number of scholarship recipients: About 5 students (tentative)
  • 3) Apply due date: 2020.05.15 (2020 Fall cohort)
  • 4) Scholarship Student Category
    An applicant should choose one of following categories on the application.
    • Top Talent : Business professional who is evaluated as a top talent in the organization.
    • Female Leader : Female professional with strong leadership and achievements
    • International Leader (Foreign applicant only) : International business professional who has outstanding business experience in a multicultural business environment
    • Family Business Successor & Entrepreneur: Family business successor or an entrepreneur who needs global business perspective and cutting-edge business knowledge
  • 5) Requirements and criteria
    • Requirements
      • Bachelor's or equivalent degree
      • Minimum two years of work experience
    • Criteria
      • Significant achievements and potential as a future business leader
      • Professional experience and Academic ability
      • Strong set of attributes and ideals, similar to the vision set out by SKK GSB
  • 6) Application documents
    • Professional MBA application needs to be submitted
    • Future Leader scholarship application (English, Hardcopy, Form download)
    • A recommendation letter by employer or HR manager with their name card (Top talent category only, Eng, Form download)


SKK GSB - KCMC* Scholarship

SKK GSB waives a part of the total tuition of admitted students who work in the KCMC member companies.

  • The applicant should submit the 'SKK GSB - KCMC Scholarship Recommendation Letter' until the interview date.
  • Please contact your HR manager or the KCMC office for the 'SKK GSB - KCMC Scholarship Recommendation Letter'.

     (KCMC office: Tel. 02-567-8185, Email.

*KCMC: Korean CEO's association of Multinational Corporations



Academic Excellence awards
  • Up to 3 students with high GAP scores, partial tuition reduction for the next semester


Student Loan