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  • 제2종합연구동 2층 83276호실
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Nanomaterials for Rechargeable Batteries

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Part. 1 Protein-based materials: Non-biodegradable, conductive and bio-compatible protein-based gel / Extracellular matrix-mimetic protein-based environment / Controlling gel properties for biosensor and drug delivery, Part. 2 Supramolecular self-assembly: Coiled-coil based self-assemble supramolecule modularization / Protein-directed self-assembly of a fullerene crystal, Part. 3 Cell behavior control using protein: Multi-functional Mussel Adhesive Protein (MAP) library / Regulating cell activity and morphology using functional proteins

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  • 교수 차세대 에너지, 나노촉매, 반도체공정
  • 백정민
    Lab 기능성 혁신 소재 연구실


에너지하베스팅, 나노촉매(수소생산 및 탄소저감), 반도체공정(이미지센서)

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Electronic Structure Study in Sub-nm & Atomic Scale Optical Interaction Study in Sub-μm Scale Synthesis & Devices of Graphene-based 2D Nano-materials

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  • 조교수 전기수력학
  • 안성필
    Lab 첨단다기능일차원나노소재연구실
  • 031-299-4165
  • 제2종합연구동 2층 83204호실


전기수력학 기술 기반 공정 및 소재 - 나노섬유 기초 및 응용 기술 - 차세대 이차전지 기술 - 반도체 클린 공정 - 바이오메디칼 필터/멤브레인/패치 기술

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차세대 반도체 로직, 메모리 소재/소자 개발 극박막 나노소재 및 하이브리드 이종접합 구조 제조 기술 신기능 나노소재를 활용한 미래 ICT 정보 연산/저장/전송 소자 개발 새로운 원리의 전자/광전 소자 개발

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  • 2022 SKKU Fellowship
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Immunobioengineering for Cancer Immunotherapy Engieered Biomaterials for the Control of Immunity Biomaterials-based molecular imaging contrast agents

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  • 부교수 화학, 재료공학, 광전소자
  • 전일
    Lab Jeon's Energy Optoelectronics & Nanobiomaterials Lab
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  • 교수 이론응집물질물리
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Surface plasmons in nanostructures and Application to Plasmonics Ultrafast electronic processes in low dimensional semiconductor nanostructures 2D Magnetic Materials: MPX3 Optical and transport properties, hot-electron relaxation, many-body effects in graphene and related systems (nanoribbon, graphite)