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Greetings (Undergraduate)

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

 School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering (신소재공학부)



Our school of advanced materials science and engineering (AMSE) consists of 30 professors, more than 400 undergraduate students, and more than 280 graduates. Based on excellent educational and research capabilities, we have grown into a leading department in the field of materials science and engineering in Korea.


Since the merger of the two departments, we have been continuously recruiting excellent faculty to strengthen our teaching and research capabilities. In terms of education, we have been operating a high-quality curriculum since acquiring the ABEEK program certification in 2007. In addition, our graduate program has been selected with excellent grades in the Brain Korea 21 project for 16 consecutive years.


Without settling for what we have done, we are preparing for various challenges and innovations. Therefore, we ask that you join forces to become a world-class prestigious school.


Prof. Hyoungsub Kim