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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate SKD2067 Korean Dance Technique 2B 2 Korean Yes
This high intermediate level of Korean dance class is the continuation of training in their dance techniques and basic rhythm techniques.
Undergraduate SKD2068 Korean Dance Repertory 2 2 Korean Yes
Learn traditional repertory in the Korean dance so that can be grasp a intrinsic of Korean dancing and the form of motion.
Undergraduate SKD3034 Understanding Dance Education 2 Korean Yes
The course is designed to provide general instruction of dance education, historical background of educational aims, philosophical, psychological, sociological foundation of dance education which is based on the current theories of dance education.
Undergraduate SKD3048 Developing Dance Education Program 2 Korean Yes
This course aims to improve fundamentals that can plan and develop a Dance Education Program suited to the Paradigm Shift in Cultural Art Education. First of all, We search the paradigms of dance education, as a Cultural Art Education, and the ideas of effective and creative programs through experiencing successful cases of remarkable programs in dance education. Secondly, We understand the principles and methods of developing programs, and make a dance education program that can be necessary in the Cultural Art Education field. Thirdly, we make lesson plan by use of effective teaching and learning strategies, and put this program into real class through supplements and revisions. This course help students to understand the objective of Dance Education Program in Cultural Art Education, and to improve fundamentals to develop various forms of dance education programs.
Undergraduate SKD3049 Field Study of Arts and Culture Education : Understanding and Practices 2 Korean Yes
This course is a part of Arts & Culture Education Instructor curriculum for secondary certification and purposes to explore the application possibilites of arts and culture education theory to the field. The education of art and culture is imporatnt to improve one’s practice ability not just theory. During the course the students can develop their abilities to design education programs and to perform them effectively. This course give opportunities for the students to experience arts and dance education environment related to the rapidly changing society. Students will compare the theories of arts and culture education to reality in the field today. Class sessions are field training based and include a mixture of lecture, group discussion, and self reporting. First, students will establish the direction of education and develop a personal teaching and learning vision that is elaborated bit by bit as the course progresses. Second, students will plan field training and report a chosen teaching site. Third, students will write self-report about field experience include observation, interview, and interpretation. Finally, they will share their own experience with colleagues in this class. Through this experience, students will develop the capability and their professional attitude toward the filed of art and culture education.
Undergraduate SKD3051 Korean Dance Technique 3A 2 Korean Yes
Understand the basic movement of Korean dance and application movement. Based on the respiration, the concept of movement is to be understood. For the development of creative skill, debating will be organized through field study, practical assessment, and video work review.
Undergraduate SKD3052 Korean Dance Composition 3 2 Korean Yes
Enhance the movement formation skill and recognize body from the movements. Improve the expression skill for various themes and acquire choreographic techniques through the understanding of production of dance work.
Undergraduate SKD3053 Korean Dance Composition 4 2 Korean Yes
As a preparation of stage performing art of Korean dance work, research the fundamental analysis, music, fine art, stage, and costume for Korean dance choreography. Through the research, actual production process will be learned.
Undergraduate SKD3054 Korean Dance Technique 3B 2 Korean Yes
Through the practical and theoretical study of Korean dance, learn academic and artistic exploration process. With the historical contemplation of Korean dance, analyze the representative work of neo-dance and learn the creative skill of Korean dance through field trip, literature research, and performance activity in regards to the transition of traditional dance and the role of recreation.
Undergraduate SKD3055 Korean Dance Repertory 3 2 Korean Yes
The foundation of entire movement is connected with respiration in order to research the creative movement through pilche, hakche, and goongche in the basis of Taekuk formation. The movements will be researched in low, middle, and high space of movement.
Undergraduate SKD3056 Capstone Korean Dance Project 3 Korean Yes
Following the class in former semester, we have a goal to complete the graduation work through the process of expanding, realizing and objectifying the spiritual concept executed through the class process. As a preparation of stage performing art of Korean ballet work, research the fundamental analysis, music, fine art, stage, and costume for Korean ballet choreography. Through the research, actual production process will be learned.
Undergraduate SKD2027 Dance Composition 2 - No
This course will examine basic principles in dance composition, providing students with knowledge in choreographic expression, structure and approaches to creating dance.
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