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About Us


Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

Biopharmaceutical Convergence Major


Our Biopharmaceutical Convergence major aims to cultivate experts in the field of bio-innovative drug development in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. We aim to create social influence and value based on convergent cluster of pharmaceutical education by setting the vision of "fostering new bio-pharmaceutical industries with future talents who will lead global research".

Based on expertise in biopharmaceuticals and with the 4th industrial revolution technologies such as AI and big data, we Biopharmaceutical Convergence major provide global education that innovates the entire industrial cycle of technology development-production-licensing-market launch, creative innovation education with entrepreneurship that creates new opportunities and values through data production, collection, management, and integrated analysis, and education with a community spirit that can contribute to the shared growth of industry and national society and humanity by providing "convergence biopharmaceutical talents with a creative challenging spirit and global leadership".

In the coming era of infinite competition, the existence of our biopharmaceutical convergence major is essential for survival and is also a duty required by society. In order to take the lead in responding to these social changes and become a world-class research-oriented university based on them, all professors and students, including myself, will work together.


Head of Department, Biopharmaceutical Convergence MajorSang Jeon Chung, Ph.D.