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Student Club

Basketball Club - Run & Gun

"Run & Gun" is basketball club of SKKU Genetic Engineering established in 2006. The club has had a lot of experience participating in distinguished competitions of the school. They practice every week so that they not only play and promote friendship but also develop physical strength and have an ardor for study. Making a motif as 'get-up-and-go & passion', freshmen and sophomores are key roles of the team.

Basketball Club Run & Gun


Baseball Club - Geneous

"Geneous" is a baseball club of SKKU Genetic Engineering. "Geneous" is a compound of the words "Gene" and "us", which means "our gene". As you can see from the name, it was created for students who love baseball, and to improve people’s health, body and spirit, as well as to develop sincere friendships. The club practices regularly, participating in the competitions of the school and also watch professional baseball games as a group.

Baseball Club Geneous


Academic Club - Bio-STONES

"Bio-STONES" is the first academic club made in Genetic Engineering. "Bio-STONES" is a term that collects the first letters of the words; Biological, Search, Truth, Observation, Nature, Evolution, and Student. It means that the club made up of students who study the field of biology, observe and research nature, and investigate natural laws and explore the history (evolution) of life.

Academic Club Bio-STONES


Football(Soccer) Club - DNA UNITED

"DNA UNITED" was a Football (Soccer) club created in Gene Camp, the annual event of Genetic Engineering, in 2006. Our club is made for 1) people who love football and have passion for football, 2) people who want to share joy with friends, and 3) people who want to make enjoyable college life with colleagues. After establishment, the club is stepping forward as a contender due to regular participation in competitions and practices, and eventually progress to being a club with outstanding abilities.


Society Club - Lifeome

"Lifeome" is a SKKU Genetic Engineering Society Club created in 1997. It is a society club which students can study and share broad and various knowledge with each other. Also, we do not only study, but also have fun and make valuable memories of the college life on the basis of affection between colleagues.

Society Club Lifeome