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Biotech Jamboree

Faculty, Administration Office, and the Student Council of College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering hold Sungkyun Bio-Tech Jamboree every year. This event is an academic seminar where students share ideas which are helpful in real life, from academic knowledge they learned from the lectures.

Operational purposes of the Jamboree are to A) help students widen their academic perspective, B) develop competences for making creative ideas, C) encourage College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering students to exchange academic knowledge and D) promote their self-esteem. Therefore, we can expect students to raise ability to research various fields of Biotechnology.

Under these purposes, the College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering held the 8th Sungkyun Bio-Tech Jamboree, on November 7, 2017.

Administration Office
Subject the 4th Industrial Revolution and Biotechnology;
Future Industrialization through Convergence with DIgital Technology
Schedule A. Recruitment: June. 7th (Wed) ~ July. 31st (Mon)
B. Preliminary: September. 30th (Sat)
C. Final: November. 7th (Tue)
Standard Undergraduate Students (2-6 students per team)
(College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering students should be included)
Prize(KRW) A. 1st: 1,000,000Won
B. 2nd: 600,000Won
C. 3rd: 400,000Won



Winning the preliminary round, a total 6 teams participated in the final, and they showed their own unlimited abilities. The 6 themes were as follows:

  • The Daily Individual Care Interface
  • The automated drug delivery system based on cell factory
  • The smart refrigerator for efficient food management
  • The universal disease diagnosis - the smart kit
  • The detection and purification of green algae;
    using mobile artificial intelligence devices equipped with the biosensor module
  • The rumen microorganism research and making kit


Among these competitive teams, 3 teams were awarded.

Among these competitive teams
1st 너의 질병은
2st B-mec
3st 변호인


1st. 너의 질병은

The team's proposed universal disease diagnosis represents a disposable kit that ordinary people can be used for early diagnosis and prevention, as well as with diseases. They also considered the development of an integrated health care system based on the lateral flow immunoassay through digital technology such as Big Data.


2nd. B-mec

B-mec's Daily Individual Care Interface collects the blood of individuals and manages nutrients of modern people with severe nutritional imbalance, and provides diverse research materials by making them data.


3rd. 변호인

The rumen microbiological environment was found to be related to various diseases such as enteritis and obesity. This team suggested individuals can easily identify the rumen microorganism environment. It will help with disease treatment and build a DB.

Many teams presented creative ideas and developed their abilities. For example, scientific and logical thought, and at the same time, it was a good opportunity for students to think about what is the most important purpose of technology.


Moreover, it was a good opportunity for students who didn't major in relevant fields, because the host summarized content of presentation when each team ended their presentation. Thus, it could help audiences understand more easily. QR code was displayed on the stage screen during the presentation of each team. The evaluation paper written by the audience was reflected in the evaluation and raised the interest of the audience.

In conclusion, the College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering selects creative and interesting topics for Bio-tech Jamboree, so many students wish to participate and gain better results every year. Students can enjoy a diverse experience in addition to studying, and it can help foster creative, intelligent experts. Thus, we hope international students' participate in future Bio-tech Jamborees.