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The College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering is a discipline that applies the concepts of biology, chemistry and physics, along with engineering science and design principles to solve problems in biological systems.

We are comprised of (undergraduate) 3 departments and 1 interdisciplinary department: Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Department of Bio-Mechatronic Engineering, Department of Integrative Biotechnology, and Biotechnology and Bioengineering (Interdisciplinary) and (graduate) 1 department: Department of Bioengineering.

With world-class faculties and the best learning environment, students at SKKU can be engaged in the excitement of biotechnology and bioengineering. In addition to offering high quality undergraduate education, our college offers excellent graduate programs at the MS and Ph.D. levels. Graduates from our advanced degree programs are presidents of corporations, excellent researchers in industries, bureaucrats in related fields and professors.

Program and course
Program Department Degree Course Degree Conferred Duration
Undergraduate Food Science and Biotechnology Bachelor Bachelor of Science 4 years
Bio-Mechatronic Engineering Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Integrative Biotechnology Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Graduate Food Science and Biotechnology,
Bio-Mechatronic Engineering,
Integrative Biotechnology
Master Master of Science/Engineering 2 years
Ph.D. Ph.D. in Science/Engineering 2 years
Master/Ph.D. Ph.D. in Science/Engineering 4 years
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Programs & Degree Finder

Programs & Degree Finder
Discipline Bachelor Master Ph.D Combined Master-Ph.D
Food Science and Biotechnology O O O O
Bio-Mechatronic Engineering O O O O
Integrative Biotechnology O O O O
Interdisciplinary Program in Biocosmetics   O O O
Interdisciplinary Programs of Biotechnology and Bioengineering O      
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Interdisciplinary program is a joint course, not a department, so there is no independent webpage available. If you want to inquire about this course, please contact the college office for further information.