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Food Science and Biotechnology

Location 61210, Life Science and Technology Building
Telephone 82-31-290-7810
Food Science and Biotechnology

The Department of Food Science and Biotechnology deals with broad aspects of food. Specifically, basic sciences, nutritional needs, quality, processing of food, food safety, food packaging, developing functional foods, and identification of bioactive compounds for disease prevention lie in the area of Food Science and Biotechnology.

Based on the fundamentals of science and biotechnology, exploring natural foods that can prevent diseases are researched, thereby these natural foods are developed into disease preventative functional foods. Vigorous research is also undergoing to discover what these components are and how they affect human disease and metabolism. Research and education on the basic sciences, functional food, nutrition, food processing, packaging, food hygiene, safety of food, and biotechnology for production of functional live stock, are designed to provide technical information and assistance to the consumers, food industries, research institutes, and government.

The Department of Food Science and Biotechnology was established in 1976 and 2004, to meet social request, and renamed Food Science and Biotechnology when the two disciplines combined. The Department of Food Science and Biotechnology has produced 800 undergraduate, 150 masters, and 60 doctoral degree students over its 27-year history. Graduates play significant roles as experts in a variety of fields that include academia, industry, research, and government.

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