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Integrative Biotechnology

Location 62208, Life Science and Technology Building
Telephone 82-31-290-7860
Food Science and Biotechnology

Integrative Biotechnology is a term for the process of isolation, manipulation and reintroduction of genes of interests into cells or model organisms. It has helped us overcome many challenges humankind face including food, health and environmental problems. Through integrative Biotechnology, we have been able to develop new crops that are more nutritious and disease resistant by introducing novel traits. Integrative Biotechnology has also been used to develop microorganisms that produce many medically useful proteins such as insulin and anti-cancer drugs, detoxify industrial waste and provide alternate fuel sources.

The quality of the faculty in the Department of Integrative Biotechnology is excellent. All of the faculty have active research programs and participate in educating graduate students in the classroom as well as in the research laboratory. The faculty has a strong record of funding from national agencies. The strength and reputation of our research programs have translated into a strong graduate program. The department also has an undergraduate program that provides excellent preparation for graduates, professional education or for careers in biotechnology.

Graduate students are encouraged to acquire familiarity with advanced research techniques and up-to-date ideas in depth, as well as learn how to write and publish a research paper in international top-tier journals. The department meets the growing need for specialists in a variety of technological fields of biology.


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