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Student Advising & Counseling

The Student Counseling Center was established in order to support students in solving. The Student Counseling Center offers a full range of services in regards to personality, interpersonal relationships, academics, psychiatry, and other various areas to help students find their potential and true identities on their own and to ultimately improve the quality of their lives. The Student Counseling Center’s professional counselors guarantee the students' confidentiality and offer a safe and protected environment to talk in.



Counseling Service

Individual and group counseling, psychological evaluations, self-diagnosis, etc.


Service Users

All undergraduate and graduate students, including freshmen, students on leaves of absence, and international students


How to Request Counseling

  • Visit :
    Humanities & Social Sciences Campus: 1F, Dasan Hall of Economics
    Natural Sciences Campus: 3F, Shop and Service Center
  • Call :
    Humanities & Social Sciences Campus: (02)760-1290
    Natural Sciences Campus: (031)290-5260
  • Hours : 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM (open during lunch time)
  • Fees : free counseling and psychiatric examination
    *Confidentiality of information or anyting disclosed in sessions or examinations is protected.



Academic Advising Service

SKKU has initiated the Sungkyun Mentor System to help freshmen students resolve issues and concerns such as feeling less connected and having difficulties deciding on a major. Its main services and programs include the Sungkyun Mentor System, university education system, assistance searching for majors, and Eoggaedongmu (self-learning group). The following are the objectives of the Sungkyun Mentor System: To solve the issues and concerns where freshmen students may feel less connected and have difficulties in deciding and entering a major, SKKU has initiated the Sungkyun Mentor System to help freshmen students go through university with a sense of belonging and pride. The following are objectives of the Sungkyun Mentor System.


  • Help preserve and develop the educational principles and traditions of SKKU by ensuring students understand the purpose of higher education.
  • Help students get the most out their freshman year and promote understanding of general cultural studies
  • Contribute to the maintenance and development of a mentor system that improves the independence and autonomy of systematic and specialized academic guidance
  • Main programs: offer services to help SKKU students develop and mature.
  • Main Programs: Sungkyun Mentor System, university education system, major search, Eoggaedongmu (self-learning group), etc



Student Counseling Center Locationa and Contact Information

Student Counseling Center Location and Contact Information
Humanities and Social Sciences Campus Natural Sciences Campus
  • Counseling: 1F, Dasan Hall of Economics, Room #: 32105
    TEL: 02) 760 - 1290
  • Academic Advising Office: 2F, 3F, Faculty Hall
    TEL: 02) 760 - 0772~4
  • Counseling: 3F, Shop and Service Center, Room #: 04209
    TEL: 031) 290 - 5260
  • Academic Advising Office: General Studies Building
    TEL: 031) 299 - 4216~7, 9