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Outbound Program

SKKU has international exchange partnerships with hundreds of universities around the world. Through its vast network of prestigious partners, the University provides its students with the unique opportunity to explore the globe, gain new experiences and insights, and acquire diverse knowledge that helps them deepen their understanding of their fields of study as well as different cultures.

SKKU’s Outbound Exchange and Study Abroad Programs are administered by the Office of International Relations, which diligently and enthusiastically supports students’ ambitions to travel and study abroad while continuing their degree programs at home.

These programs represent not only an important gateway for students to broaden their horizons but also for the University to fulfill one of its fundamental objectives, which is to generate talented and considerate global leaders. SKKU operates on the belief that within each and every one of its students is the potential to change the world for the better; that is why it takes its responsibility of providing the most valuable resources and opportunities to everyone who studies here so seriously.


Outbound Exchange Program

The Outbound Exchange Program provides chances to study at overseas universities with which SKKU has exchange agreements without paying for any additional tuition to the host universities on top of their SKKU tuition. As representatives of the University abroad, all outbound exchange students are nominated and selected every semester based on their high level of academic performance, prerequisite skills, study goals, and attitude. They are permitted to study at SKKU’s partner universities for a single semester or up to a full year. Credits are fairly transferred into SKKU’s system once an exchange is completed.


Study Abroad Program

The Study Abroad Program enables students to study at universities by paying tuition to the host universities in addition to their regular tuition at SKKU. SKKU provides many of these types of opportunities to students who are looking for a specific or exclusive experience at top ranked institutions. Like outbound exchange students, study abroad students can take courses for a semester or a full year and transfer the credits into SKKU’s system. The program must be preapproved by the Office of International Relations.

Study Abroad Program
Outbound Exchange Program Study Abroad Program
Pay tuition to SKKU Pay tuition to SKKU and Partner University
Eligibility, selection schedule, and process are all the same.
Semester(s) and credits are both approved.


Short-term Program

Students can participate in partner universities’ short-term programs during the summer and winter breaks. Please refer to SKKU’s notices for up-to-date details, including special offers, eligibility, important dates, fees, and more.



Requirements Undergraduates Transfer Students Graduates
Number of Semester(s)completed abroad 2 or above 1 or above 1 or above
Academic Standing GPA 3.0 / 4.5 or above (except for F grades)

* Submit proof of language proficiency when applying to the partner university.
* International degree-seeking SKKU students are not allowed to apply for universities where their languages/cultures of origin are prevalent.


Key Dates

  Semester 1 (Spring) Semester 2 (Fall)
Application Opening Early of July Early of January
Application Procedure GLS(KOR) > 신청/자격관리> 교환/해외수학생 신청
Selection Criteria Percentile rank, Interview

* Please refer to recent notices for details.


Scholarship for International Students

Name Eligibility Benefit
SKKU Study Abroad Scholarship Study abroad students Waive 80% of SKKU tuition

* Please contact your department office for specific information about any scholarships provided by them as well.