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Fintech MBA is designed for those who will lead digital transformation in the global financial industry through convergence education such as finance, data science, and AI.

The Fintech MBA is a one-and-a-half-year program consisting of four semesters of courses (including summer semester). Students earn 45 credits to graduate with a focus in fintech. We offer flexible class schedules (weekday eveningsand Saturdays) to ensure our students can balance work and education.

Fintech MBA students are eligible to receive dual degrees; an MBA in Fintech from SKKU and a Master of Science in Business Analytics from UofSC



 [Learning Goals & Objectives]

 Management Skills
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of core management disciplines.
  • Students will possess professional abilities to integrate and apply knowledge of management functions.
  • Students will possess qualified professional work experience.


 Critical Thinking Skills
  • Students will be able to analyze and interpret information for decision-making critically.
  • Students will be able to produce and compare alternative solutions and to identify the logically best choice.


  • Students will be able to recognize and analyze ethical business and problems.
  • Students will be able to evaluate socially responsible choices and to make socially appropriate decisions.


 Communication and Cooperation Skills
  • Students will be able to express views orally and/or in written form coherently.
  • Students will be able to exchange ideas and generate management solutions cooperatively in team settings.


* Global Perspective
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of cultural, political, and economic differences and commonalities in the global/Asian region.
  • Students will communicate in a foreign language at a level adequate for business communications.



[Educational Objectives]

* Global Education: Training fintech professionals with an international sense.

* Practice-oriented Education: Training practical experts needed by businesses by providing a high degree of professional financial knowledge and practical sense.

* IT Convergence Education: Cultivating innovative future financial experts through the convergence of finance and advanced IT technologies



[Educational Distinctiveness]

* High-quality Fintech Financial Expert Training

We seek to maximize educational synergy using the educational infrastructure of the BK Fintech Education Research Group, which is the only one in Korea that Sungkyunkwan University has.

We seek to cultivate future global financial experts based on the know-how in operating the Financial MBA program, which has been successfully operated within the Graduate School of Business for many years.


 Providing Managers with a Variety of Necessary Management Expertise

In addition to fintech courses provided within the program, you can take various management courses provided by the EMBA programat SKK Business School according to your choice.


 High Percentage of Full-time Faculty Lectures

High-quality lectures are made by full-time faculty in charge of most lectures. In addition, it delivers high-quality field knowledge through special lectures by industry-leading field experts.


 MBA/MS Dual Degree withthe University of South Carolina in the United States

Through the multi-degree system with Darla Moore Business School of the University of South Carolina in the United States, it is possible to earn a MS Degree in Business Analysis from the University of South Carolina at the same time.


* Flexible Class Schedule

Classes are offered weekday evenings and Saturdays to better accommodate your busy career and provide greater flexibility.


* Overseas Seminar

To strengthen global capabilities, we give students the chance to experience business and culture first-hand through meetings with local business leaders, visiting companiesand educational institutions.


* Best Scholarship Benefits in Korea

More than 30% of enrolled students, the highest level among domestic business graduate schools, will receive various scholarships every semester.


 Pleasant Educational Environment and Snacks

The Fintech MBA program provides dedicated classrooms for students to study in a more comfortable environment. At the same time, snacks are provided to all students for their convenience.


 Supervisor System

We provide mentoring to all students so that their campus life go smoothly by appointing advisors for each MBA cohort.