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Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
IBUS001 Marketing Management 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
This course introduces you to key marketing ideas and phenomena and develops your skills in marketing analysis and planning. This course consists of three parts: The first part focuses on the role of marketing in business process, i.e.,creating value for customers.Emphasis is placed on creating and capturing value, identifying customer needs, forming target segments, and positioning the product and managing brand equity. The second part focuses on the instruments that marketers employ to create value, i.e., to design and implement the best combination of marketing variables to carry out a firm's strategy in its target markets. The focus of the final part is on integration and application of the previous two parts. Emphasis is placed on competitive strategy for successful global operations.
IBUS002 Marketing Mix 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean,Korean Yes
This course aims to learn the latest theories and strategic uses of marketing mix variables such as new product strategies, advertisement and promotion strategies, price strategies, and distribution strategies. Marketing mix is a kind of decision variable that can be utilized by the marketing manager. Thus, this course provides and addresses lessons and suggestions on how to effectively achieve the corporate marketing strategy given to the marketing manager. Various knowledge on marketing mix and practical cases on how to fight in the market are covered in the course.
IBUS003 Consumer Behavior 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
This course is designed to cover a set of important current topics from the folloeing areas: brand management, new product management, service marketing , pricing, and analytical marketing. The selection of a specific topic will be decided on the basis of two things: timely relevance and high demand from the side of students. The course will cover several case studies and recent articles published in the top-class journals.
IBUS007 Organizational Behavior 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
Organizational Behavior is a field of study that investigates what people do in an organization and how that behavior affects the performance of organization. Topics include motivation, leadership, communication, decision making, organizational culture and organizational development.
IBUS009 Organization Design 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
What is the best way to design an organization to survive and succeed in a highly competitive environment? Which organizational structure is needed to improve a firm's competitive advantage? What is teamstructure and what type of leadership is appropriate for team leaders and members? These are the questions that we consider in this course. Specifically, the major topics in this course include the design of organizational structure that fits to highly competitive environment, the effective design that improves competitive advantage, and tje management fo team structure. We deal with these topics in a macro view.
IBUS010 Management Strategy 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
Strategic management is a big picture course. This course is about the managerial takes of developing and implementing company strategies. During the course, Student will become more skilled as a strategic thinker.
IBUS015 Internet Business 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
Penetration of the Internet has a great impact on every aspect of business activities. The main purpose of this course is to offer students with an opportunity to learn the nature of the changes caused by the use of the Internet in business. To achieve this goal, the course deals with such issues as basic Internet related technologies, business innovations in functional areas as well as across the firm boundaries, electronic commerce, and others including payment, security, and privacy.
IBUS016 International Business 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean,Korean Yes
This course aims to equip future executives with a systematic understanding of the key aspects of international business environments that influence managerial decisions and behavior. This course begins with the definition and the drivers of globalization, followed by various environments surrounding firms - political, socio-cultural, economic. The next section examines foreign market selection and entry mode.
IBUS018 Financial Accounting 3 6 Major Master 1-5 - No
This course is the first course in financial accounting at the intermediate level. The two key objectives of the course are (1) to provide the students with a deeper understanding of the accounting concepts and procedures underlying the financial statements, and (2) to present accounting issues relating to the financial statement analysis so that the students may understand and analyze the financial position and operating performance of the firm.
IBUS020 Financial Statement Analysis 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
This course covers business analysis using financial statements, focusing on understanding and analyzing financial statements from the users' perspective. Specifically, this course deals with various techniques useful for valuation such as cash flow analysis and financial ratio analysis.
IBUS021 Tax Strategy 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean,Korean Yes
In modern economy, taxes are one of the most important factors since they affect various economic decisions made by individuals or corporations. This course covers fundamentals in individual income taxes, corporate income taxes, value added taxes, and inheritance and gift taxes. And this course focuses mainly on enhancing understandability and capabilities of students to solve taxation issues in a rational manner that individuals or corporations face frequently in their economic activities.
IBUS023 Managerial Decision Systems 3 6 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
This course is poised to equip students with theoretical basis for improving decision quality which is required in all the echelons of management in modern firms. Especially, this course is designed to incorporate the characteristics of the Internet such that web DSS and collaboration mechanisms are considered as special discussion topics. Besides, to help maximize student's ability in practice fields, we will introduce a real ERP software package like Uni-ERP in which students are able to apply their learnt DSS mechanisms to solve real decision-marking problems. In this way, this course tries to provide practical senses as well as appropriate theoretical contents.
IBUS024 Global Business Environment 3 6 Major Master 1-5 - No
Global business environment covers basic knowledge in global business management and in business environment necessary for formulation of global corporate strategy. Major issues in this course include Globalisation and Regionalisation, Politics, Economics, Society, Culture, Legal and Technological environment which provide a number of risks and challenges to multinational and/or domestic corporations. The course also entails business customs, cultural value, conflict, manner and etiquette, negotiation and communication, logistics and economic integration. Also current issues in global business are to be discussed in this course.
IBUS025 Channels of Distribution 3 6 Major Master 1-5 - No
This course examine the theories and practices used to plan, organize, and control supply chains. The approach will go beyond viewing exchange relationships from a strictly physical sense (movement of goods and services) to focus on the interaction between trading partners and how firms are using channel strategies to gain a competitive advantage. Specifically, this course explore the role that channel members play as intermediaries between the production and consumption sectors of the economy. This course explore how channels of distribution have evolved and identify challenges that channel members will face in the 21st century. Subsequently, this course examine how channel members develop strategies to attract consumers and also how consumers develop strategies to acquire goods and services from channel members. The course use a mix of lecture, case analysis, team presentation, video, and class discussion to explore course material. Students should complete reading assignments prior to class. An understanding of these assignments is necessary to actively participate in class discussions.
IBUS028 International Business Communication 3 6 Major Master 1-5 - No
Business Communications One will prepare students to successfully communicate through public speaking and presentation skills for business situations. The course uses video and audio examples plus handouts to teach specific presentation skills. Students are expected to put these skills into practice during in-class presentations and practice. Students will be required to perform group and individual work in the following areas Individual presentations Mid-term and final team presentations Use of major presentation skills and language areas: basic presentation structure, introductions, linking, language styles, visual aids, Power Point, body language, endings, Q&A, presentation evaluation.