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Graduate School of Business Administration(IMBA)

Top-notch online MBA program in Korea

The IMBA is korea’s highest quality and first fully online MBA degree program. This program is designed for students who are unable to participate in a program using a traditional format. The IMBA’s “I” stands for Innovative, International, and Initiative. 

  • On and offline blended learning system: Online/mobile class on weekdays & offline class on weekends for full-time employees. 
  • 100% taught by SKK Business School Full-time Faculty: All courses are taught by full-time faculty members at SKK Business School who are equipped with research expertise. 
  • Collaboration with Multicampus: Learning support by Multicampus’s education development technology which is the top ranked cyber educational institution in Korea. 



The purpose of business school is to contribute to the development of the national economy by providing today’s industrialized society with business leaders who has visions and core business capability to apply those visions to practical business. Therefore, the development of business school goes hand in hand with the growth of a nation’s industry and society.


Likewise, the history of SKKU School of Business Administration has begun with the growh in the Korean economy’s demand for business leaders and has developed so far through SKKU’s active efforts to produce competent business leaders.


Business education in SKKU has developed through three stages


In the first stage,

stage, had its Graduate School and the graduate course at School of Business in charge of business education, with the former providing full-time courses focused on the theoretical, academic side of business and the latter providing evening courses for professionals, centering on retraining.


In the second stage,

SKKU established SKKU Graduate School of Business, a full-time Amercian-style business school conferring MBA degrees to foster professional talents centering on practical business.


In the third stage,

SKKU founded the IMBA program which overcomes the constraints of time and space via the Internet and thereby complements the limitations of off-line programs.


In addition to the prestige SKKU school of Business has established and high expectations from the society for the growth potential of SKKU supported by Samsung, will provide an important turning point in life for everybody who aspires to be a world-class business leader.


Despite many strengths including excellent curricula, SKKU school of Business and Graduate Shool of Business had many constraints of off-line education, such as time and space constraints, and therefore could not fully meet the increasing demand for retraining and self-development from modern professionals in many fields. In that context, SKKU established the IMBA program in December 2002. with the accreditation by the Ministry of Education, as an alternative for the off-line courses that can respond to the fast-changing business world and can enable students to be part of a world-class MBA program whenever and wherever through the Internet. 




Vision & Mission

Asia's best online MBA program with an international reputation



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