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Most innovative part-time MBA Program

The EMBA is the most innovative part-time MBA program in Korea, helping business people and executives to master the skills to become international leaders. Globalization, leadership and innovation are the mission keywords of the EMBA program. This MBA degree can be earned by attending campus twice a week over a 2-year period.


Learning Goals & Objectives

Management Skills

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of core management disciplines
  • Students will possess professional abilities to integrate and apply knowledge of management functions
  • Students will possess qualified professional work experience


Critical Thinking Skills

  • Students will be able to critically analyze and interpret information for decision-making
  • Students will be able to produce and compare alternative solutions and to identify the logically best choice



  • Students will be able to recognize and analyze ethical business issues and problems
  • Students will be able to evaluate socially responsible choices and to make socially appropriate decisions

Communication and Cooperation Skills

  • Student will be able coherently express views orally and/or in written form
  • Students will be able to exchange ideas and to generate management solutions cooperatively in team settings (Asia MBA and EMBA)


Global Perspective

  • Students will demonstrate understanding of cultural, political, and economic differences and commonalities in global/Asian region
  • Students will communicate in a foreign language at a level adequate for business communications



Educational Objectives



Educational Distinctiveness

Obtain MBA degree with twice a week campus attendance

Twice a week on weekday(s) and / or weekend, flexible scheduling


More than 80% of lectures provided by full-time business school faculty

Professional, relevant lectures by full-time faculty meeting the highest quality standards
Strengthening executive abilities by means of problems, examples, discussions and case-based learning


EMBA development committee

Faculty members, students, alumni meet to solve problems and plan for continuous improvement


Offline club activities

EMBA is renowned for its various and vigorous club activities run by students. All students can choose clubs, such as Marketing Club, Wine Club, Cycling Club, Climbing Club, Baseball Club, and Clubs for Golf and Tennis.


Class times and schedule

A regular semester class : Tuesday to Thursday, and Saturday


Overseas Study Trips

During vacations, EMBA students have an opportunity to go to a foreign country to enlarge their perspectives by attending the on-site lectures, and visiting Korean and domestic businesses with other students.


- Overseas Study Trips have been to these countries:

  • Australia
    University of Sydney, KOTRA, Avoka ltd., AMP ltd., University of Melbourne, Reserve Bank of Australia, KOTRA
  • Croatia
    University of Zagreb, Zargreb branch of World Bank
  • Estonia
    University of Tartu
  • France, Germany, Netherlands
    ESSEC Business School, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, KOTRA Paris, Berlin SFK Lubrication Systems
  • Hanoi
    FPT Business School
  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Baptist University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Invest Hong Kong, Consulate General of ROK in Hong Kong, Dunwell Enviro-Tech, Link Management Ltd.
  • Malaysia
    University of Malaya, Petronas, Royal Selango
  • Russia
    Hyundai factory in Saint Petersburg
  • Singapore
    Nanyang Technological University, Nespress
  • Turkey
    Turkcell mobile carrier
  • USA
    University of Southern California, Sony Pictures, Universal Studio



Generous scholarships are available for academically qualified students. Every semester around 30% of students benefit.