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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate DBA4015 Studies in Strategic Management 3 English Yes
This course introduces various concepts and theories in strategic management. The objective is to enable the students to understand the basic concepts, theories, and research topics related to business and corporate strategies by reading and discussing academic papers.
General Graduate DBA4034 Special Topics in Industry and Culture 3 English Yes
Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are not tethered to labs and factories anymore and becoming commonplace in many facets of everyday lives. This seminar discusses the changes that robotics and AI will bring to corporate management and work environments from industry and cultural perspectives. First, the managerial and socio-technical implications of robots and AI will be discussed by understanding the current trends in such technologies becoming teammates rather than tools in the workplaces. In doing so, changes in several aspects of work will be discussed, such as teamwork, work process, decision-making, creativity, and leadership. Second, the course will examine how robots and AI transform the relationships between customers and companies from cultural standpoints. This will review and analyze robots and AI depicted and discoursed in commercials and mass media.
General Graduate DBA4035 Special topics in Industry and Customer 3 English Yes
We will see a huge impact of so called digital revolution on may industries at the era of the 4th industrial revolution, and so will on customer experiences. In this course, we will study this digital transformation in the industries mostly impacted by AI and big data analysis along with the changes in customer operations. 1. Service Industry 1.1. AI in Hotel, Travel, and Food & Beverage industries 1.2. AI in Healthcare 1.3. Banking & Insurance – Digital Transformation Roadmap 1.4. Retail – Customer Segmentation and Targeting 1.5. Transportation - Autonomous Vehicles 1.6. Logistics - Optimization 1.7. AI Software, Contents & Platform Businesses 1.8. Cloud Deployment 2. Primary Industry 2.1. AI in Agriculture & Dairy 2.2. AI in Fisheries
General Graduate DBA5005 Consumer Behavior Seminar Ι 3 English Yes
This course explores and evaluates a rapidly growing body of research on consumer behavior. Our primary perspective lies in marketing applications of consumer behavior concepts and theories. Main topics include consumer decision-making process, personal differences psychological processes, and environmental influences.
General Graduate DBA5007 Marketing Mix Seminar 3 English Yes
The main objective of this course is to deepen the students' literature knowledge accumulated in each area of the marketing's 4P's. Specifically, this course deals with advanced academic articles in the area of pricing, distribution, communication, and product management. Depending on the situation and/or the needs of the students, it could focus on one or two of the 4P's.
General Graduate DBA5008 Research Methodology in Marketing 3 English Yes
This course aims to enable the doctoral students in marketing to get the skills in various research methodologies, so that they can write their doctoral theses on their own. The students will prepare their own term paper as part of the assignments, in which they are expected to demonstrate their research skills they have learned in this course.
General Graduate DBA5013 Seminar in Investment 3 English Yes
This course is designed to provide students with a framework for the analysis of the capital markets. Each meeting will cover leading theoretical and empirical papers on each topics in a seminar format. The students have to prepare a term paper which is publishable in a conference.
General Graduate DBA5015 Advanced Financial Theory 3 English Yes
This course brings the student to the point where she or he can accomplish theoretical research in finance. To accomplish this goal, we discuss the skills commonly used by the theoreticians in finance, major findings in finance last 20 years and developing an appreciation of literature progress in finance.
General Graduate DBA5026 Seminar in Strategic Management 3 English Yes
Strategy formulation and implementation are core management functions. This course deals with theory, practice and techniques of strategic management.
General Graduate DBA5034 Management Information Systems 3 English Yes
The competitive strength of contemporary business enterprises hinges on thire capability to manage and utilize business information in an effective manner. To obtain this capability, the management is required to understand IT in the context of management and organization.Students in this course will review the past literature exploring the relationship among IT,management, and organization, and there by understanding the directions of research streams in the field of MIS.
General Graduate DBA5036 Internet Business 3 English Yes
The main purpose of this course is to offer students with an opportunity to review the theoretical development in this relatively new area of research. To achieve this goal, the course deals with such issues as basic Internet related technologies, business innovations in functional areas as well as across the firm boundaries, electronic commerce, and others including payment, security, and privacy.
General Graduate DBA5067 Marketing Channels 3 English Yes
This course will examine both the theoretical dimensions of planning, organizing, and controlling the marketing channels. The approach will go beyond viewing exchange relationships strictly from a physical perspective (movement of goods and services) to focus on the interaction between channel members and strategies employed to gain a competitive advantage. The course will blend lecture and class discussion to explore course material. All reading assignments must be completed prior to class, as understanding these assignments is vital for active participation in class discussions.
General Graduate DBA5076 International Human resource Management 3 English Yes
The globalization of business is having a significant impact on human resource management. It is more imperative than ever for organizations to engage in human resource management on an international scale. International Human Resource Management touches upon human resource practices concerning (1) the numbers and proportions of host-country nationals, third-country nationals, and expatriates in staffing plants and offices all over the world; (2) where and how to recruit these individuals and how to compensate them for their performance; and (3) whether human resource practices will be uniform across all locations or will be tailored to each location. The primary focus of the course is on the choice of international human resource management practices that confront multinational enterprises and some factors to consider in making these choices. International Human Resource Management expands our understanding of people’s behavior at work to include the diversity and complexity of today’s global environment. . International Human Resource Management challenges us to go beyond our parochialism and to see the world from a global perspective.
General Graduate DBA5081 Empirical Analysis in Accounting and Finance Studies 3 English Yes
This course introduces various methodologies that are necessary for Accounting and Finance studies. It includes lectures of Statistics and workshops for SAS programimg and financial databases, which are essential for empirical studies in Accounting and Finance.
General Graduate DBA5083 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Finance 3 English Yes
This seminar course focuses on recent developments in financial research. Based on critical analyses of academic papers, the course will help students develop abilities to formulate research ideas and carry out empirical analyses.
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