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Program Duration:

: 2years(4 Semesters)


Graduation Credits

: 24 credits

  • Maximum 9 credit hours of study allowed each semester.
  • A standard model of lecture credits by semester
    A standard model of lecture credits by semester
    Program 1st 2nd 3rd 4th total
    Doctoral 9 9 6 Dissertation 24


Qualifying Exam

  • Foreign Language Exam

    ① Take English Exam
    ② Foreign Language Exam Exemption : English Test can be substituted by submission of Official English Test Score.(at least TOEIC 800)

  • Combined Exam
    - Exam Qualifications: Earn 15 credits or more with an average grade of B or above.
    - Exam Application: Apply at the beginning of every semester(March and September)


Thesis Examination/Defense

In graduate school, dissertation examinations are divided into preliminary and final examinations to produce dissertations with quality.

  • Preliminary Thesis Examination, Final Examination Semester
    • Preliminary and final examinations cannot be conducted in the same semester. Students can apply for a final dissertation examination after they have passed the preliminary dissertation examination.
  • Thesis Submission Requirements
    • GPA of 3.0 or above from the requisite/prerequisite credits / Passing the thesis submission qualifying test and preliminary thesis examination(or exempted)