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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Business School at Sungkyunkwan University



A proud university, the university where we want to send our children

For the cultivation of character and the highest competitiveness, for the students of Sungkyunkwan


SKK Business School has become a leading institution in domestic and international business education. However, the road ahead is still long and arduous. Regardless of the era, the foundation of consideration and sharing towards others, which is based on character, is the most important aspect for enriching and warming one's life. As advanced technology develops, the importance of character is becoming more and more crucial. The students of SKK Business School have a great advantage in developing a well-rounded character through various education and cultural environments that emphasize the Confucian virtues. Based on these virtues, the members of SKK Business School are pursuing the highest competitiveness and diversity. We strive to efficiently gather professors with outstanding research abilities and passion and create a vibrant atmosphere. We also emphasize the importance of industry and academia by actively inviting industry-specialized professors with professional careers in core industries that will take responsibility for Korea's future. In the field of academia, we publish numerous research papers in prestigious international academic journals every year and actively participate in various government-centered businesses, including attracting new BK21 projects. SKK Business School is consolidating its role as the center of business education research.


SKK Business School aims to become the world's only and most desired business school for all stages from undergraduate to graduate by implementing the following differentiation strategies. The Department of Business Administration and Global Business Administration of the undergraduate program seek to differentiate themselves through a "flexible program that reflects industry characteristics/collaboration" and a "regional specialist program that maximizes global experience." When considering the university's greatest advantage in diversity and convergence possibilities, SKK Business School is innovating the curriculum to allow students to experience the industry's actual fieldwork directly or indirectly, incorporating various industry characteristics and collaborations into the educational program. At the same time, we utilize the global network of major universities worldwide so that students can experience the culture, language, and industrial experience of their desired countries through exchange student activities based on the representative affiliated universities of their desired countries. If students worldwide can experience the world, the students of SKK Business School will undoubtedly become global talent. By freely acquiring various academic fields or taking courses that are combined, having industrial specialization experience, regional experience, and creativity, we expect to produce "future Sungkyunians or Sungkyun Businessmen" with the best competitiveness. Naturally, we expect that the talents produced by the School of Business at Sungkyunkwan University will become management leaders not only in the field of management but also in the convergence areas with related fields.


Please note that this website provides an explanation of the direction that the School of Business is pursuing. If you want more detailed information about specific programs, you can find more detailed information on the corresponding site online. If you have any general inquiries about SKK Business School, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you.



Suke-Kyu Lee
Dean, SKK Business School