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Academic Programs

Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Interdisciplinary)

Location 2nd floor of International Hall
Address 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone 82-2-760-0951



Promoting talent with entrepreneurship and performance capabilities

  • Through interdisciplinary convergence education and implementation experience-based education, undergraduates of various majors have the ability to cooperate as a team to find problems and present solutions from a global perspective.
  •  Discharge of start-ups and innovative talents who can lead and produce results within or outside existing organizations competitive in the global market.


Department Guidance and Introduction

Economic growth through start-ups and innovations has already become a paradigm for a new world. The talents suitable for todays unprecedented era of uncertainty are young people with self-directed thinking and execution capabilities. The main related major organized by the College of Business presents the following educational mission and vision to produce such talent.

  • Through the cultivation of entrepreneurship, we intend to produce innovative leaders who understand problems in various cultural contexts and lead problem solving based on creative thinking both inside and outside the organization. • Provide education for students in various fields to learn from the experience of carrying out entrepreneurship projects.
  • The expertise of students of various majors will be optimized to solve problems so that they can start a business, enter a startup industry, or be used as an in-house innovation talent for existing large companies.
  • In particular, it aims to produce social innovation talents who will lead social change through understanding of social innovation in emerging communities and cultivating problem-solving skills.


Future vision and career path

  • venture and social enterprise start-ups
  • Strengthen employment competitiveness with innovative talents suitable for new business planning and in-house venture activities within the company.