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Global Business

CHANG, Young Bong

Location 2nd floor of International Hall
Address 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone 82-2-760-0034


Message from the Program Chair 


Welcome! Global Business Administration (GBA) is SKKU’s flagship undergraduate program to educate future business leaders of the world that have Asian identity of Xiujizhiren (修己治人:수기치인), which means leading others by taking initiatives. Xiujizhiren (修己治人) has been the motto of SKKU, the oldest university in Asia, ever since its establishment in 1398.


To achieve our goal, we are committed to create innovative learning community.

First, we provide unique curriculum. For example, third year GBA students take Integrative Core (I-Core) courses in which they take Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, and Strategy simultaneously and conduct one comprehensive case study about a company in Korea. We also encourage our students to take “7+1” policy, which is about going for exchange student programs for a semester to enrich their global perspective. To maximize the student potential of working in global firms in the future, all of our courses in business majors are taught in English and all the students should take Business Communication class. We constantly endeavor to provide new courses like FinTech & Behavioral Finance (coming) and Current Topics in Marketing to meet the changing demand in the market triggered by the innovation in Computer Science and Big Data.


Second, GBA students learn from top-class faculty members. Many of our instructors have successful leadership experience in real world business, such as working as the CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Korea or Deputy CEO of Samsung Electronics and KB Securities. Our faculty members also have strong track record of highly impactful academic research in business that are published in the global top journals and covered in global news media like Bloomberg TV. The strong professional network of our faculty is a wonderful asset for our students, because they can meet the great minds of global business through our pioneering programs like Global Camp, Global Career Tour, and Kelley-GBA Case Competition.


Third, GBA students belong to very close and collegial community inside and outside the school. Our students enjoy their lives through various student activities, like Steroid (rock band), FC GBA (soccer), and Globall (baseball). GBA alumni, more than half of whom are working in either foreign companies or international divisions of Chaebol groups like Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and SK, frequently visit the campus and provide vital career advice to our current students. Moreover, we regularly hold “Town Hall Meetings,” which works as a direct communication channel between the academic adviser and the students about the school policy and student opinion. The students also benefit from the attentive guidance and counseling by our academic and administrative staff members. Moreover, we regularly conduct student surveys to identify student needs to succeed in ever challenging and dynamic global business environment.


Lastly, GBA offers the opportunity to pursue Dual Degree programs with two of the Big Ten universities in the US: Kelley School of Business of Indiana University and Fisher College of Business of Ohio State University. If the students choose, they can receive two bachelor’s degrees and enjoy the strong alumni network of both schools: one from SKKU and the other from either Kelley or Fisher. All in all, I am very proud of GBA Program of SKKU, because it is uniquely positioned to educate future leaders in global business thanks to the dedicated faculty members, top-notch students, and passionate alumni to change the world. ESKARA KINGO!!!