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Financial Aid / Scholarships

Scholarship for Special Graduate Students

1. Scholarship for Teachers and Government Officials

Students who are currently working as (1) teachers at public schools or (2) government officials, are qualified for scholarships

Scholarship for Teachers and Government Officials
Application Period
Spring Semester April
Fall Semester October
2. Merit-based Scholarship

The Merit-based scholarship is for students with excellent grades in the College of Education

Merit-based Scholarship
Scholarship Details
Qualification Students who are currently attending the Special Graduate School are qualified
Application Application for the scholarship is not necessary
Remarks The scholarship is given out once per semester and a student can receive the merit-based scholarship only once

Scholarship for Students

Scholarship Eligibility
  • Eligibility:
    • outstanding academic records
    • financial difficulties
    • submitted a complete scholarship application in time
    • exemplary to others.
  • Academic Standards
    • ① Students who entered prior to 2004 :
      • Students who have earned 15 credit hours (12 credit hours in the semester before the last semester) during the previous semester with a minimum GPA of 2.0
    • ② Students who entered in 2005 or after :
      • Students who have earned 12 credit hours (9 credit hours in the semester just before the last semester) during the previous semester with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Exceptions
    • ① Students who are re-registering for additional semester (s) due to insufficient grades or credit hour requirements for graduation must pay the tuition in full to apply for a scholarship
    • ② Students must not have any failing grades in the previous semester to be eligible for the academic excellence scholarship.
    • ③ Returning students must also apply during the application period to be eligible for a scholarship
      (however, returning students whose tuition is exempted are not eligible).
Scholarship Application Period
  • The scholarship application period shall be established at the end of the semester that comes immediately before the scholarship receiving semester. For example, to receive a scholarship for the second semester of 2014, students must apply for scholarship during the scholarship application period at the end of the first semester of 2014.
  • Students must check announcements for the application period on the university (undergraduate) website.
Scholarship Application Process

Students can apply for scholarships through SKKU Intranet Service.

  • The application process is as follows:

1. Go to SKKU GLS (Sungkyunkwan Intranet Service) – Application Requirement Management – Scholarship - Application menu.

2. Students need to fill out an application form and submit all relevant documents to your department office.

Payment of Scholarships

Scholarships are given out in two ways :

  • Deduction in Tuition Statement
    • Scholarships shall be paid on a deduction-in-tuition-statement basis. Deduction in tuition statement means that the sum of scholarships will be specified in the tuition statement mailed every semester, and that students only need to pay the difference: the amount is the tuition after having the scholarship deducted.
  • Cash Payment (payment into student’s bank account or issuance of scholarship certificate)
    • If a notice of reduction in tuition is already made to a student but there is a change in the scholarship recipient, then the new recipient shall receive the scholarship in cash. If a student who is the recipient of a continuous scholarship returns to school after a leave of absence, the student’s scholarship shall also be paid in cash. Also, the payment of scholarships from non-university scholarship foundations shall be paid in cash as well.
Registering Scholarship Receiving Account

Registering an account for scholarships can be done through SKKU Intranet (GLS):

Go to GLS (Application Requirement Management – Scholarship Application – Scholarship Receipt menu) and fill out your account information (your own account only).

Application for Off-Campus Scholarships from Scholarship Foundations

When SKKU receives a request from scholarship foundations for student recommendations, the details will be posted regularly on the SKKU or department website.

Students willing to receive a scholarship from other scholarship foundations need to check the notice board regularly.