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Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

College of Education


The College of Education opened in 1972, and has inherited the tradition and spirit of the Joseon Dynasty’s top national education center, Sungkyunkwan (成均館), founded in 1398.


The school has played an important role in teacher training especially regarding secondary education in Korea, on the basis of four main principles: ”benevolence, justice, courtesy, knowledge” (仁義禮智).


As such, we have contributed to Korean education and national development by leading in education research, as well as by cultivating proficient secondary school teachers and educators over the past 40 years.


The College of Education strives to build educators’ character by establishing a new model of scholars [士] and teachers [師] who can lead with the spirit of “gaining knowledge by the study of things” (格物致知 in Chinese characters) and “developing oneself physically and mentally to lead the world” (修己治人).


This new model of scholars [士] and teachers [師] will have moral character and intelligence based on healthy democratic education to develop communication and creative spirit, and to nurture an attitude of “seeking the truth based on facts” (實事求是) at secondary school level.


To achieve this, we explore theory and practice which are effective for secondary education, and we cultivate teachers with skills, knowledge (知), virtue (德), and health (體) which can be applied at school.


The College of Education also challenges traditions, and re-envisages them to enhance communication in modern Korean contexts. Our professors, students, and alumni also actively participate in global education.


The college looks forward to continuing to lead secondary education in Korea, and to developing as a secondary teacher training institution that commands global respect.


Thank you.



Ko, Jang Wan
Dean, College of Education