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College of Education history
1972 Establishment of the College of Education was approved by the Ministry of Education
1973 Established Department of Education (30 students), Department of Physical Education (40 students), Department of Chinese Education (30 students), Department of Mathematics Education (30 students)
1974 Completion of Suseon Hall at College of Education Building
1981 Establishment of History Education in College of Education
1981 Transferred Department of Living Art to College of Education (Total 6 Departments in College of Education)
1984 Set up a sisterhood relationship with George Washington University College of Education by academic exchange
1988 Held regular seminars every year and published collection of scholarship dissertations ‘Theory and Practice of Education’ from starting pedagogy research group
1988 College of Physical Education was established and reorganized as Department of Physical Education
1994 Academic interchange agreement with Beijing Normal University
  • Exchange Department organization of College of Education Department of Art Education was included into the Department of Arts
  • Abolition of History Education
  • Foundation of Computer Education
  • Expand cutting-edge educational facilities (analytical laboratory of class behavior, media workshop, reference room for College of Education)
1998 Establishment of Educational Research Institute as a annex research institute of College of Education
2002 Development Plan for College of Education was announced
2012 Abolition of departments in Special Graduate School except Korean Education, English Education, Mathematics Educations and Chinese Education
2013 Appointed as a leading teacher-training university in terms of creativity and humanity, by Ministry of Education
2015 Establishment of Institute of Educational Policy Research