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International Partnerships


Country University Year Partnership
U.S.A. George Washington University 1984 Academic Collaboration
China Beijing Normal University 1994 Academic Collaboration
U.S.A South Dakota University 2012 Student Exchange



Overseas Teaching Practice Programs

In order to internationalize students in College of Education and promote their global capabilities, we provide students with overseas teaching practice programs every year.

  • Subject : students enrolled in College of Education
  • Cooperative school: Beijing Korea International School of China(
    Hanoi International School of Vietnam (
  • Application period: beginning of each year
  • Selection and support: Considering applicants, practical subjects, grades, and the personnel of each department, the dean of College of Education finally select and recommend as an educational institute for Korean international schools, and support education expenses for students.
  • Students who have completed overseas practice programs have to submit reports that share their experiences.