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Classical Chinese Education

Location 50521, Hoam Hall
Address 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone 82-2-760-0546
Food Science and Biotechnology

The Department of Classical Chinese Education was established in 1973 to produce teachers who can provide instruction in the subject in middle and high school, and also to cultivate expert scholars for the study and development of traditions. Our department is prominant in its production of individuals who have great knowledge of Classical Chinese as well as a contemporary understanding of the subject, that can contribute to the humanistic virtues in Koreanology or Oriental Studies, areas which are garnering increased interest due to the rapid development of the region.


The goal of this department is to cultivate creative talent based on the spirit of 法古創新 (emulating tradition but adaptable, and creating a new way but still keeping one’s roots).


Firstly, it aims to train Classical Chinese teachers with professional and academic abilities who earn respect.


Secondly, it aims to cultivate talented experts with sufficient knowledge and modern perspectives of classical culture, who can reinvigorate Classical Chinese and traditional culture in modern ways through reinterpretation.


Thirdly, it aims to foster talented students for the quest and practice of learning, based on expert knowledge of 文史哲 (literature, history, and philosophy), which is the essence of oriental culture.



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