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Computer Education

Location 50520, Hoam Hall
Address 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone 82-2-760-0671
Food Science and Biotechnology

In the current Internet era, computer science is a fast-changing and innovative discipline. The mission of the Department of Computer Education (DCSE) is therefore to educate students and nurture them as future computer science teachers at junior high schools, that will impart their capabilities to operate and manage IT systems, server systems and PCs.


Training students as teachers at junior high schools is very critical in providing guidance to junior high students. This can be done by instilling a structured education curriculum based on computer-related subjects and implementing an efficient education system.


Trainee teachers' responsibilities also include seeing computing potential in students and fostering them as leaders of the country in the computing field. To that extent, the DCSE offers programs in computer technology and educational approaches from engineering perspectives.


Upon graduation, students of the DCSE are given second degree junior high school teacher certificates, with which they become eligible as computer teachers at private junior high and high schools. As well as this, they can sit for the National Teacher Appointment Tests to earn qualifications as teachers for national or public junior high and high schools.


As the DCSE offer JITE to teach current technologies in the industry, job opportunities for graduates vary including jobs in the areas of Internet Systems, Software Development, Multimedia Systems, e-commerce, Information Communications, IT Security and other computer-related professions.


Furthermore, they can continue their studies in computer-related graduate programs. Likewise, the DCSE opens the road to diverse jobs that are highly needed both in academic and industrial communities. The DCSE provides the infrastructure to help its students select their future direction depending on their aptitude and capabilities.



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