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Educational Administration (Special Graduate)

For more details on the courses, please refer to the Course Catalog

Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
COED012 Career Counseling 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Counseling Psychology Education Korean Yes
Theory and practice of career and vocational counseling are studied and trained.
COV7001 Academic Writing and Research Ethics 1 1 2 Major Master/Doctor SKKU Institute for Convergence Korean Yes
1) Learn the basic structure of academic paper writing, and obtain the ability to compose academic paper writing. 2) Learn the skills to express scientific data in English and to be able to sumit research paper in the international journals. 3) Learn research ethics in conducting science and writing academic papers.
EDAD001 Introduction to Educational Administration 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
At the conclusion of this course, students will acquire and understand major organizational theories and how they related to educational organization. They will also be able to describe a conceptual framework that can be utilized and a generic base for the practice of adminstration.
EDAD002 Educational Policy and Planning 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
Designed to extend knowledge of educational policy, planing, decision-making and rationality. The models of educational planing are further clarified by examining origins, methods, process and organizations.
EDAD003 Management of School 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
This course provides characters and theories in school management. More deeply, in a school research authorities and responsibility of supervisor in perspective of educational law.
EDAD004 Educational Finance 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
This course focuses on nature and theories in educational finance. Emphasis is placed in the areas of planing, implementing, reporting in educational finance. Students obtain new trends and techniques of educational finance
EDAD005 Research Methods in Educational Administration 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
The disciplinary and methodological bases for knowledge in educational adminstration are addressed. Examples of economical, systemic, and behavioral scientific approach are used to understand sampling techniques and quantitative methods.
EDAD007 Principalship 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
Compare with school principal systems in various countries, and students will do research qualifications, hiring systems, and leadership of school administrator as supervisor in educational law.
EDAD009 Educational System 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
Provides a conceptual framework about formation of educational system. Examines politics, economics, sociology, and cultural studies in perspective of education. Suggests future orientation of educational system to solve problems of current educational system.
EDAD010 Personnel Administration and Schools 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
Conceptualizes educational personal adminstration with an emphasis on nature, role, and rules that integrates comparative study of various nations in teacher recruitment system
EDAD012 Educational Administrative System in Selected Countries 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
The seminar will begin with a brief historical and social introduction in establishing the educational administrative given to an examination of systems of educational administration, decentralization policy, and qualification of administrative staff in central and local government.
EDAD013 Educational Policy Analysis 2 4 Major Master 1-5 Korean Yes
After considering key policy issues in educational finance, this course considers methods of educational policy analysis in relation to linear programing, multiple regression, Lorenz curve analysis, and Delphi analysis, etc.
EDAD014 Economics of Education 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
Provides an introduction to the economic analysis of education, with particular emphasis to the economics of education in human resource development, among the topics to be covered are educational production formations, educational investment and economic growth, rate of return analysis, and economical efficiency and social equity.
EDAD015 Education and Laws 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
The purpose of the course is to understand educational law system. We will focus on central educational adminstration and local educational adminstration in educational law.
EDAD017 Theory and Practice of Elementary Education 2 4 Major Master 1-5 - No
This course will study theory and practice of elementary education curriculum.