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Sado Cultivation Course

師範大學’ 師範 means “學爲人師, 行爲世範”


The translated expression is, “Learn to be a teacher whose behavior sets an example for the world.”


After graduation, students of the College of Education will be responsible for the second year of education that will lead our country into the future. Of course, they should be academically outstanding, but in terms of behavior, adhering to high moral standards requires setting an example for others as well.


So far, the curriculum at this college has focused solely on academics, and we have neglected the development of the character of our students. As a result, some teachers have not possessed the most basic human integrity and acted rashly without considering their status as an educator.


Considering this undesirable situation in the world of academia and the importance of second year education, the quality of teachers’ personalities has become a serious and urgent issue for us to address. Therefore, our College of Education is planning to implement the new “Sado (師道) Cultivation Course”. This will ensure that our students acquire and act with proper manners and become adopt the attitude of a “True Teacher”.


Of course, it is ultimately their personality that influences their conduct when they become teachers, but we have created a program to make students think deeper about their mindsets as educators and straighten out their thoughts and actions in the most effective way.



  • Train prospective teachers with both expertise and excellent character
  • Implement the “True Teacher” model by rewarding educators who demonstrate proper manners and with good attitudes through the “Sado Accreditation System”
  • Develop good personalities through volunteer work
  • Improve the image of our university by introducing the “Sado Accreditation System”
  • Improve teacher recruitment rates for private middle and high schools


Completion Target

  • Third and fourth year students among those attending the College of Education and teaching courses


Requirements for Completion

  • GPA 3.0 or higher in all grades
    • completion of Essay Training and Sado Cultivation Course
      • Essay training (2 credits)
      • Sado Cultivation Course (1 grade)
  • After joining the Volunteer Club in the College of Education (Chambinuri), perform volunteer activities for at least 20 hours (3 times) at the institution designated by the curriculum
  • Special lectures (1 hour and 30 minutes per lecture, 4 times)
  • Etiquette education (1 hour and 30 minutes per lecture, 2 times)
  • Sex education lessons (one hour 30 minutes per lecture, 2 times)


Benefits of Completion

  • Receive Sado Accreditation Award from the Dean of the College of Education
  • Sado accreditation details will be provided to private schools in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province: if an accredited student wishes, the Dean of the College of Education will personally visit the school and recommend the student.