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Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

College of Software



The College of Software was launched in September, 2015 and consists of 473 undergraduate students and 280 graduate students. For our students, we put in various efforts to offer organized education and research, and to develop the field of Software and Computer Engineering with our 55 faculty (33 full-time professors, 25 part-time professors) who contribute to the development of our college by doing multiple activities. As a result, we jointly attracted the BK Project supported by the Ministry of Education with CICE. Also, we are involved in three large programs, System SW Basic Source Technology Research Center, Smart TV Research Center, and Grand-ICT Research Center. These programs are funded to the sum of 10 billion Won each.


In addition, Samsung Electronic supports our Cluster Research Center, providing 3 billion won over three years, and we are involved in ITRC, GRL, Core Research Center who's program is supported by the government. In areas of education and manpower cultivation, we joined the Software Centred University program in 2015, which is supported by the government, who provides about 2 billion Won each year, for up to 6 years. In accordance with this program, we also operate and support diverse programs for advanced undergraduate education.


From 2017, we plan to select approximately 135-150 new undergraduate students for admission, so the total number of students in our college will reach about 600. We also expect that the number of graduate students will exceed 400. This means that we will be a promising Software College of about 1,000 students.


Furthermore, as our faculty is also going to be increased by about 20 to 30 professors who have high-level ability in education and research, we will have 50 to 60 professors in total (including 100 who are part-time) who are top-tier full time professors in the field of Software.


Our college is continuously offering a premier educational program for students, such as industrial-educational cooperated project, international language development, coding development; overseas study, TA supporting, mentoring and so on. Also, we are trying to develop high-level major education programs and undergraduate-graduate or master-doctor linked programs. By offering a wide variety of options, we will be the best college which can train high-level experts in the field of Software.


We hope for your sustained interest and support.


Thank you so much for your attention.


Tai Myoung Chung, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Software