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As the importance and influence of software in society and industry is dramatically increasing, the College of Software was established in 2015 to respond to social needs.


The college operates two undergraduate departments to faithfully produce scientific bases for leading practical technology and future SW technology, needed in the present software industry, as well as six graduate schools which provide convergence major programs with other study fields and is characterized for producing exclusive research and technology.


The curriculum provides hands-on experience about the newest technology through closely connected Industry-University Cooperation and produces graduates who have excellent capability, as well as having innovation of SW technology as reflects cutting-edge technology, introduced into our curriculum.


Also, we seek research oriented culture which produces large achievements of research that has a practical and ripple effect through Industry-University Cooperation.


Our college achieves recognition for research and educational capacity in the software field. In this regard we are being supported by the government in University-Business ventures through BK21+ Business, and Grand ITRC Business.


Our aim for the future is to be one of the top colleges in terms of software research and education.



Programs & Degree Finder

Programs & Degree Finder
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Computer Science and Engineering O        
Software O        
Convergent Software
Software Platform
(Graduate School
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Interaction Science
(Graduate School)
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Information & Communication
(Special Graduate School)