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Software Platform (Graduate School)

Location #21104, Engineering Building 1
Address 2066 Seobu-Ro, Jangan-Gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Telephone 82-31-290-5825
Computer Science and Engineering


The Department of Software Platform was established to nurture engineers specializing in embedded software and systems, based on the University-Industry Cooperative Program with companies, such as Samsung Electronics, Altibase, Ninety System and Celrun.


Following the establishment of the Department of Mobile Systems Engineering, our department was also given the opportunity to offer a graduate course in a particular technology, such as embedded software. In relation to this, the Ministry of Knowledge Economony, the financial supporter of the Department and Sungkyunkwan University, are determined to develop a research and education group in embedded software technology.


The major objective of the department is to educate engineers with potential, in top-notch embedded software technology. We provide specific programs, which intends to strengthen basic theoretical education related to embedded software.


Furthermore, we teach students how to design and implement complex embedded systems and to develop technical projects with companies in collaboration, to enhance practical capabilities which can be utilized by the industry immediately after graduation. The deepartment aims to educate engineers who are expected to lead in the next generation of embedded software and system technology, and also to train engineers who are able to be productive in a short period of time in their future jobs.



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