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Research Institutes

Research Institutes

1) Ubiquitous Computing Technology Research Institute (UTRI)

The mission of the Institute is the development and research of leading-edge technology with IoT (Internet of Things) including mobile & ubiquitous computing, edge computing, intelligent computing platform, performance modeling and evaluation, WSN, etc.


2) Convergence Research Institute

Research the foundation of software·original technology to develop base software for ubiquitous application and smart soft power. It is very important to have application technology developed multiform in various fields and original technology that can be converged with software, and to develop new application services. Therefore, this laboratory makes convergence technology of base software, centered on software platforms.



Research Centers

1) Sungkyun Open Source Software Center (SOSC)

Sungkyunkwan University founded the Sungkyun OpenSource Software Center (SOSC) in March, 2016 and aims to educate and train highly capable professionals in software development, with the understanding that most software development organizations worldwide observe open source usage ​of ​more than 80% ​for​ their software businesses.


2) Software Platform Research Center

< Smart TV 2.0 Research Project > First generation smart TV which independently provides characteristic functions of TVs- This center was established with support from the Korean Government in December, 2011, with the aim to research original system software technology for future smart TVs, satisfying diverse users and considering the convergence of network infra and change of computing paradigms.


3) Grand ICT Research Center

<Intelligent Interaction for Life Companionship Experience> In upcoming future life environments, a new paradigm for interaction among human-computer-things, lifelong computing using life-log, affordable computing considering characteristics of things, and change to customized computing for individual users will be required. To meet these demands, by providing customized service for specific circumstances of space and time and emotional service, we aim to research and develop ICBM and ICT fusion technology that can form and develop companionship with users.


4) Intelligent ICT Convergence Research Center

In the future environment, ICBM+ICT fusion research will be carried out for users' companion IoT devices. By constructing administrative supporting systems (26 enterprises, 6 universities) to maintain continuous research cooperation relationships with consortium partners, exchange among multiple school systems will be activated.


Also by promoting consulting business for commercializing technology, we will support technology transfer and start-ups by securing intellectual property, and operate the G-ICT Track of Software Platform Major under the General Graduate School, which is a contract major of re-education to foster creative professionals.