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The College of Science houses four major pillars of natural sciences: biological sciences, mathematics, physics, and  chemistry.


The Departments of the Biological Sciences and Chemistry were the founding academic disciplines of the School of Arts and Science established in 1953 when SKKU was promoted to the status of a comprehensive university and KIM Changsook, a founder of modern Sungkyunkwan University in Japanese colonialism, assumed the presidency. In the following year, the Departments of Mathematics and Physics were added to the school.


In short, the four departments of the College of Science have been stepping through every developmental stage of modern SKKU’s history for over 60 years.


Throughout the college’s long history, the four departments of the college have been playing pivotal roles of expanding the nation’s academic horizon, as well as SKKU’s contribution to the advancement and prosperity of global society.


Please feel free to navigate through each department’s webpage for more information.



Programs & Degree Finder

Programs & Degree Finder
Department / Discipline Bachelor Master Ph.D Combined Master-Ph.D
Biological Sciences O O O O
Mathematics O O O O
Physics O O O O
Chemistry O O O O
Interdisciplinary Course for Physics and Chemistry* - - - O
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This program is a joint course, not a department, so there is no independent webpage available.
If you want to inquire about this course, please contact the college office for further information.