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The College of Science is situated in the Natural Sciences Campus of SKKU which is located in Suwon, one of the largest satellite cities of the Seoul metropolitan area. It was in 1953 when the former form of the College of Science, the School of Arts and Sciences, was established in Seoul with two founding departments – Biology and Chemistry. About 20 years later, the College of Science’s four departments were relocated to the current location of the Science Buildings, which was the first independent facility for natural sciences and mathematics in the modern history of SKKU.


It was not until 2008 when the chemistry building was erected thanks to the generous donation of multiple chemistry alumni, on the southern part of the Natural Sciences Campus, that the Department of Chemistry was moved to the new building. Presently, the chemistry building is home to the Department of Chemistry, as it appears in the name, and the science building is a place where the other three departments – Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics reside.


In addition to these two buildings, the Natural Sciences Campus has more on-campus facilities where faculty, staff, students, and even the wider community can enjoy. Please [View] find out more about the infrastructure that we proudly present to you.


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