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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

It goes without saying that mathematics and the natural sciences are integral parts of our lives, as it provides not only learners, but also the entire contemporary society, with opportunities to gain a good command of a basic understanding of nature, science, and technology; thereby grasping some fundamental principles and ways to apply them to the real world. In this context, the College of Science’s educational mission is to:


  • Foster expert natural scientists and mathematicians who can conduct their own authentic and creative research by acquiring competence in the major areas of biological sciences, mathematics, physics and chemistry.
  • Develop citizens of ability, logical thinking and rationality, who are capable of analyzing outstanding problems by creative and systematic approaches, and coalescing separated knowledge.
  • Nurture cultivated humans who possess insight and awareness based on natural and scientific reasoning.


Narrowing down our educational mission, the college strives to provide students with the opportunity to develop contemporary skills in science that are consistent with state and national science standards. We promote student understanding of scientific concepts relevant to the individual and to society, and foster an appreciation of scientific inquiry.


Our organized teaching philosophy, curriculum, and facilities support rich education and learning experiences with small class sizes, hands-on experience, regular interaction with expert faculty, and opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate research. In addition to this, through cooperative partnerships with local and international organizations, the college is making every step toward becoming a valuable global-leading educational institution.


Another crucial pillar of our institutional mission is to produce world-class, and even world-leading, research outcomes by bringing in human and financial resources to our campus and sharing our discoveries, experiences, and knowledge with a global society for coexistence and fair growth of the entire human race.





VISION 2020 represents the College of Science’s ambitious goal to become one of the global leading research-centered academic institutions in the world, in line with the university’s objective to become the ‘Truly, Global Leading University by the year 2020'.


The College of Science is striving to actualize the institutional vision below by providing quality and student need-based education, and producing world-class research outcomes that are recognized globally. Through these endeavors, the college aims to become a global hub of knowledge and human networks for scientists, researchers and students.


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  • Vision
    • Global Top 50 in basic science
    • Educating with Top-notch Faculty
    • Boosting Innovative Basic Science Research
    • Converging Science & Humanities
    • Fostering Global Creative Leaders


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  • mission
    • Future-oriented Scientists
      • Educating Future-oriented elites with logical and rational thinking through problem based learning programs
    • Core Experts
      • Educating core experts who can manage independent research in the field of natural sciences by providing professional academic knowledge to students
    • Global Citizens
      • Training globally cultivated citizens with an objective outlook on the world, vision and leadership abilities